Yuan-Chi Tai-Chi _ European Seminar 2024

When: 16-23 June 2024

Where: Rimetea, ROMANIA

Discover the stillness of yourSelf as you move in Constant Balance

Experience the tangible yet tender feel of Yuan-Chi Tai-Chi. Feel the subtle, peaceful mind and seamless flow in your being. Experience the power of love (instead of the love of power).
This year we hold our Seminar in the atmospheric mountains of Transylvania. Come share the Way with the Founder of Yuan-Chi Tai-Chi.
Everyone is welcome whether young or old, Beginners or Experienced.

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Please note that places are limited by the intimate nature of this full-immersion retreat. First come best dressed?

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This is an Intensive that is both workshop and seminar. The programme is varied and full, set in the enchanted idyll of Transylvania.

You shall be in full immersion. Lots of action, lots of discussion & laughter, full of silence.
It is a 6.1/2-day all-day affair for enjoying the gifts of Yuan-Chi; spontaneous flow of the Chi that lightens your being, which brings you home to yourSelf. With innumerable health benefits.
Follow Sifu and experience auto-motion. One may even feel this blessing as a Cool Breeze that soothes & nourishes.

We begin at dawn with the “Dance” of Yuan-Chi Tai Chi Chuan. Then take our ease over tea&coffee.
And jump back in with a lesson on Form. Which is followed by a hearty breakfast with talking (heated discussions?) and laughter. A round-table of questions & answers.
Then back into the fray of learning & practice. Which earns a leisurely early lunch and siesta.

Wake up to afternoon tea and a forum on Tao, Dance and Tai-Chi. Apart from absorbing basic Tai Chi Chuan in the Tao of Yuan-Chi, we workshop by enjoying the gracious effect of the great Chi; collective energy circulation, effortless movement and energy exchange.
{Yuan-Chi Push Hands revolves around the occurrence of this power of love, which cleanses and nourishes.}

An early dinner makes time for extended discussions and Q&A. We might explore the transformation of dance and movement into Yuan-Chi Tai-Chi?
The most enthusiastic might even choose to ‘dance in the moonlight’.
Flexibility and suppleness is inherent in the daily timetable of the Spontaneous Way.

Tears and fond farewells at 10AM on our last morning after wake-uP! coffee, the “Last Dance”, and a slow breakfast with final Q&A as we officially close this year’s European Retreat.

We offer a small range of pension-style accommodation. Your cost includes Seminar participation, accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner as well as morning & afternoon teas.
Price varies with your choice of accommodation.

Accommodation type

  • Single Bed* : 760 EUR
  • Double Bed* : 930 EUR
  • Premium Double Bed* : 1000 EUR
  • Double Bed_price for two : 1500 EUR

*Prices above are per person unless otherwise stated.

Seminar only (no accommodation, no food)

  • per person: 600 EUR
  • per couple: 1000 EUR

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Please reserve your place via PayPal here. As places are limited by the intimate nature of this full-0n retreat it is first-come, first served.

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  • Email: yuanchi@constantbalance.com
  • Whatsapp: +61 407 108447 [please text before you call?/ AEST timezone / Sydney]
  • Whatsapp: +40 741 214469 [please text before you call?/ EET timezone / Bucharest]

Yuan-Chi   Who or what is it?
TAO?         The Way actualized?
Love and self-defence?      Is Shen Love?
Zhang San-feng and Tai Chi Chuan
“Neither Assist Nor Resist”

Seasoned practitioners of the ‘Grand Ultimate Fist’ are very welcome to join us, to share in Joy that is beyond mere happiness. If you are ready, this Intensive can be a masterclass for you, for the price of a Beginners’ ‘boot camp’. Go to the next level to practise sublime Tai-Chi. “Jing bien chi, chi hua shen”: beyond cultivation of chi, you shall experience spontaneous transformation of chi into Shen.

What is it like to learn from Sifu Ric Lum?
I like that it’s not rote delivery of the teacher at the front for everyone to imitate. We receive different practice tasks adapted to where each student is at. Multiple lessons are in progress with senior students tasked with teaching newer students. A layering curriculum has been developed with careful consideration behind the sequence of how ideas get introduced but at the same time he’s responsive to stimulus on the day crafting a spontaneous lesson based on an observation within the group. The mode of learning ranges from watch, follow, demonstrate; to” here’s a task – go and figure it out on your own”; to observe others and note differences; to group sharing about experiences; receiving energy flow that moves you or the sharing of pertinent stories. This intimate delivery of teaching is a rare channel to ancient wisdom from assorted Masters that he’s studied with, along with Sifu’s unique insights from his own ongoing spiritual evolution. His intention is fostering your own growth; how that is brought about will be different for each individual. Authentically the real deal, that you won’t find on other street corners; I wouldn’t wake up early every Saturday morning for any ol’ class but this one is an embodied dance in presence that is not to be missed!

Shona, 2024

Master Lum founded Yuan-Chi Tai-Chi to share the Tao, the Way, through movement. Lum, Sifu has been enamoured of the inner world from an early age. He pursued internal martial arts until his own health crisis (general chi injury from chi goong) brought him to seeking beyond the arcane, to spirituality. Yuan-Chi Tai-Chi was key in restoring his health, his chi, his Life-Force. He then decided to teach because Yuan-Chi Tai-Chi is uniquely imbued with this All-Pervading Energy that is beyond chi.
Lum Sifu has been teaching Yuan-Chi Tai Chi Chuan since 1999 and has a growing body of students and instructors both in Australia and overseas. He is always on the lookout for students who are serious about enjoying themselves and their Art (but not necessarily about themselves!).

Dance the rainbow with Sifu Lum

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Clinics & individual consultations may also be offered upon request– {meta-therapy, auto-motion etc.}
Attire: Wear loose, comfortable clothing and flexible footwear.
Disclaimer: Consult your healthcare provider before starting any new exercise program.

Getting to Rimetea

Unique Experience for Europeans

If you live in Europe, don’t miss this unique opportunity! The last time Master Lum taught in Europe was in 2015, in Viterbo, Italy.

Yuan-Chi Tai Chi Chuan is the Dance of the Way that awakens the flow of the All-Pervading Energy spontaneously. This hidden technique is based on a natural approach that does not require any wilful control or interruption to the autonomic functions of the body. In fact, the key is transparently simple:


It is easier than you think, but even easier if you don’t think!

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