Yuan-Chi – A Paradigm Shift


The essence of art
Art in itself is not inherently spiritual. It has the potential to express spiritual desire. At best, it can be a reflection of spirituality. Which is not the same as spirituality; in the same way that your  reflection is not the same as you. It may look like you (the better the reflective surface, the more faithful the reflection) but no matter how authentic the reflection, it has none of the substance of the real thing. In other words, martial art is part of the matter of the earth, albeit on a subtler level than some things.

The first master of martial art was perhaps Shri Parashurama, who lived in India about 8,000 years ago.
The original purpose of martial art was to purify and balance the grosser bodies in the hope that the subtle system may become clear enough for Mother Kundalini to connect us to the All Pervading Energy; the Grace of the Divine.
A secondary purpose was for man to not only connect with Nature, but to be in harmony with Nature, to awaken Nature within us, to become Nature.

The purpose of art is to create beauty; in this case beauty in & of movement.
On the gross level, we have emotions, physical activity and mental activity. If done properly, martial art may help balance us on this mundane level.

What then is the essence of martial art?
Balance- to be in perfect balance
Movement- the ability to move in harmony with the flow of chi
Energy- to be able to follow, tap into, lead and direct chi

Addressing this essence is what distinguishes Tai Chi Chuan in the field of martial arts.

Wu Chien-chuan_snake creeps down

Tai Chi Chuan was developed from Taoist cosmic principles by Zhang San-Feng.
The Mother gave birth to the universe. The Feminine Aspect rules the universe. In practice; the theory, attitude, approach and techniques of Tai Chi Chuan puts it on a higher footing than the hard variety of hard martial arts. Water is softer than earth but harnessed properly it can overwhelm even the hardest steel. In fact, ladies have an innate physical & psychological advantage in the study and practice of Tai Chi Chuan.

Single whip

Yuan-Chi Tai Chi Chuan – The paradigm shifts

When Zhang San-Feng discovered Tai Chi Chuan, before the advent of the Mother as foretold long ago, the way of Tai Chi Chuan had many things in common with soft internal martial arts. Nevertheless, it was quite different from other martial arts.

Yuan-Chi Tai Chi Chuan is a step beyond all other Tai Chi styles.
The way of Yuan-Chi is as the Tao of the sage Lao Tze { Tao Te Ching or Tao De Jing }.

It is dancing on the heavenly river of the Way. It is spontaneous, it is the effortless way.

The movement of Yuan-Chi is powered by the All-Pervading energy of the Divine.
Automatically. There is no doing. Where ‘chi gong’ is energy work, Yuan-Chi is “chi liu”; energy flow.

It is beauty that is fashioned by the power of Grace.

Beyond all other systems of movement, whether dance, sports, therapeutic exercise or martial arts, Yuan-Chi relies on this heavenly energy, which can be felt as a Cool Breeze.

Art of the essence
The truly artistic part of movement occurs when we move in obedience to the essence of the  movement, which is beyond the shallowness of mere form, i.e. substance shaping form not form before substance.

In Yuan-Chi, the dance is shaped by the pattern of movement of the limitless energy.


But what are the benefits?
An avenue for graceful expression. Expect to enjoy increased energy levels , be less susceptible to illness and to improve your posture. Enhance your sense of well-being; feel balanced, supple, more confident and empowered. Just by the way, you’ll learn to defend yourself. You may feel more attractive as a result of improved health, self-confidence and poise.

Your physical abilities will be enhanced- balance, coordination, speed, ambidexterity, control, strength and reflexes that can spill into the emotional & mental sides. This may become apparent in your sporting activities or just in the way you walk.

Together with patience and harmony, you should gain a better sense of timing, more acute perception and become more effective at “going with the flow”.

You begin to live a philosophy of not wanting. You become natural. And peace shall descend upon you.

Along the Way, you may become a spiritual being.

“Practise Non-Ado, and everything will be in order.”
~Lao Tzu, Tao Teh Ching ch.3


What students say:

“..all that remained of *me* was my awareness…” Danya

“The only way I would be able to describe it would be as being touched by Grace.” Carlos

“I felt I was watching a dance between you and a much beloved being” Linda

“It was as if my body moved by itself.” Stefanie

“I’ve never known squirrels to be so loving with one another, it was almost like a dream!” Amy

“have been having quite deep experiences of meditation in particular with Push Hands,” Andrew

“This morning I felt very strongly again the beauty of movement. I love it!” Gregor

“Gregor was in front of me and he appeared to be somehow ‘in’ the air” Jane

“John unconsciously emitted a strong cool breeze…” Master Michael

“I started feeling Tai Chi like a piece of music.” Eva

“The arrival and departure of this force was spontaneous – I didn’t make it happen, I didn’t try to hang on to it, I didn’t make it go away.” Magda

“And I felt like that I could be a balloon – that if I lifted my feet off the floor that I’d float.” Sharon

“I love the way birds gather when we are practising Tai Chi Chuan with you, they seem to be drawn to the energy.” Brenda

“I could feel it rushing through and around my body – like being part of a building whirlwind…” Sharon

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