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Welcome to the Rental page for Yuan-Chi Tai Chi Chuan DVDs

You can now watch online DVDs of the 108 styles of Yuan-Chi Tai Chi Chuan. It comes in 3 DVDs, one each for sections 1, 2 & 3. They can be rented separately or together.

Your online access is valid for one(1) year.

These are the DVDs available:

Please notify us by email once you have paid your one year DVD rental fee  using this automated process. Click here to notify us by email
You will then receive a private link to watch your DVDs whenever you wish. This link is valid for a year.


“Watching like a child definitely opens the way to the same sense of flow as does directly following you. It is more fragile… The difference between watching like a child and following you is the difference between walking the bank of a river to observe its course and riding the flow in a canoe or kayak. In both cases it is possible to get lost, distracted or whatever, but both teach you the flow of the way. The unconscious mind still learns. I felt myself at moments around the edges of a meditative state, but I know that more is possible.”   Danya

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