Teaching Style and Approach

“Freedom is when you get your own Powers which are within you. You have got your own Powers. You have to be your own Guru . You must reach that point from where you guide yourself in such a way that the guiding lines become part and parcel of you. That means in your central nervous system, in your conscious mind, you must be the existence of the Spirit. This is what is the evolutionary process. This is what you have to achieve and all other talks are absolutely of no value.

Let’s face it — there is no flowery talk needed for it. It’s a doing. All these talks and all these organizations, and everything, has no meaning of any kind. It does not empower you to be the Spirit. “

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Yuan-Chi Tai Chi Chuan has evolved beyond Yang family style. It is a return to and  evolution beyond the original discovery of the founder.

The philosophy that Yuan-Chi Tai-Chi embodies is styled on the I CHING (treatise on changes) and underpinned by the teachings of the great sage Lao-Tze (Old Master) in TAO TE CHING (scripture on the Way).

The founder of Tai Chi Chuan; Zhang San-Feng (Chang of the 3 attributes*), by one account, was taught the Way of Tai-Chi in his dreams, by God. Zhang San-Feng was a Taoist priest (seeker of the Way) whose primary interest was his spiritual ascent.

Similarly, Master Ric hopes that Yuan-Chi conforms to the precepts of the Tao of Lao-Tze. It is Tao-in-motion.

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*For those interested in the subtle system as taught in true meditation, he was accorded this name as one who had attained the Triguna; Desire, Action and Evolution.

What students say:
“There is a difference between the intellectual process of learning/ understanding and the true insight gained through experiencing a given moment/epiphany..” Jane

“..heard Sifu say “don’t lead the leader” to someone.” Ray

“Also when Sifu talks of….”neither assist, nor resist, but persist”.” Cameron

“Words truly are no good when teaching Tai-Chi…” Gregor
“Master Ric talked about the difference between analysing, and simply seeing and becoming.” Gregor

studying TaiChi2

“Today’s lesson was completely different than ever before as Sifu stood before us as our “mirror”…” Mick

“I noticed my feet moving of their own accord, as if they had minds of their own -” Amy

“Master Ric didn’t explain much but led us to a tree near the side of a street and showed my brother John and I..” Master Michael

“With Sifu I have a much better Flow and feel of my energy, internally my organs feel softer and I feel as though I am moving forward.” Cameron

“While we were having coffee after class as we often do, Master Ric posed this question: “Follow me–what does it mean?”” Ss
“The teachings happen also on a very subtle level, increasing sensitivity and awareness for my inner progress.” Sieghilde


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