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Stefanie Fleishhaker, Salzburg


*Sent*: Monday, July 09, 2007 2:01 AM
Subject: Real Tai-Chi?

Met a (family)friend whohas beendoing Tai Chi for a long time already.So
we did it together once.
It was very interesting. The moves were quite the same, but also totally
Hard to describe, but it was as if the forms were not clear, not
exact… maybe without purity. I cannot find the right words.

I understandnow what you mean, when you talked to me about real Tai Chi
Chuan! As I saw this kind of Tai Chi, I knew what it meant to practise
“real” Tai Chi.  🙂

Happy greetings from Salzburg to Sydney,

*Sent*: Sunday, September 24, 2006 2:47 AM
Subject: *Intensive*

…now I really appreciate the last one-two months in Sydney, when we
did all the intense Tai Chi lessons.
We did it so often , that I still have it like a picture in front of me.

*Sent*: Thursday, April 20, 2006 11:05 PM*
*Subject: *Tai Chi*

Today is such a beautiful day, sun is shining and it is really warm.So I
decided to go outside and do some Tai Chi in our garden.
It felt really good to be able to do it outside again!!!
I did sectionsone and two. Then I decided to do section one again.

But this time I closed my eyes and it was sooo nice.It was as if my body
movedby itself. I could feel every little movement in my body. It just
happened….And the best was that I DID NOT THINK AT ALL.
From time to time my whole body trembled, especially my hands…but it
felt soooo good.

I hope you are doing fine, fall is coming to Sydney, right? And here
summer arrives (slowly).Now it is so beautiful here, warm and green.

“Liebe Grüße”   (best greetings)

*Sent:* Saturday, June 18, 2005 4:33 PM
Subject*: poems*

Hi Ric
These are some thoughts which came into my mind…from what I have
learned in life since I came to Australia and also since I started the
Tai Chi.

Be wise, not smart.
Don’t judge, just speak the truth.
Don’t discern reality through thinking,
Discern it through experience.

True Love gives because She does,
And needs no answer.

Only the wise recognizes the fool,
Who tries to understand his life through his thinking,
But does not learn from his experience.

Our search,
For the answer to our questions-WHY?
The meaning of our lives,
The reasons for joy and sorrow.
All that is a search,
At which end we find our answers,
Through God within.

The one who wants to understand God with his mind is a fool,
Because he will never find Him.
But who tries to realize God with his heart is wise,
And will meet Him on the way.

The power of our minds to heal,
When connected with the Almighty Love,
Shows itself as what we call a “miracle”.

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