shona shifts

My interest in beginning Yuan-Chi Tai-Chi came from a desire to connect with my dan tian; to move from a central place. The standing weight shift element is highly applicable for my work as a hands-on practitioner (remedial massage, Feldenkrais), in how I move myself around the treatment table – having the force come all the way through, up from the ground, with my arms carried as an extension of what’s happening below rather than generating the power from up top. I feel lucky to have chanced upon this group in the park;

Sifu Ric Lum sharing wisdom cultivated from a long lineage via an apprentice style teaching, meeting each person where they’re at with a perceptive task to stimulate them to learn for themselves. I enjoy the clarity of precision in orientation/detail within the flow of collective energy that carries you along. Worth waking up early for, of a Saturday morning!

Sat, 13 Nov 2021 13:16:36

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