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  1. Dance report, 23/05/15

    Arrived late (yet luckily in time for the dance to start), and was quite scattered and impatient, with mind wandering in various issues until suddenly at Jade Maiden I snapped into the present and began to feel better. My mind wandered a little throughout the rest of the form, but I was more grounded.

    • Dance Report 23.5.15

      Moments in GBT where I felt as if I had a sword or a dagger in my right hand.
      Had a moment in Cloud Hands where I started doing something completely different before my attention snapped back to the dance.
      Overall felt very lost, with a few moments of flow but it felt different more like what I feel sometimes during broomstick class.

    • vanessa a Porter

      Match report – 23 May
      Started off toasty –
      Warm and comfortable in the Zone
      Noticed different and unique ways of performing the dance as I concentrated to follow.
      Started to recognise certain movements but desperate to see the pattern.
      More upright than I thought and more twisting.
      Cold and needing the sun now to return to warmth.

    • Magda’s dance report:
      Very peaceful, especially in s.3 where I felt quite dreamy. This came as a contrast from s.2 where my feet felt like they were going to cramp up but never quite did. This was followed by a feeling of strength in my legs at the start of s.3 and then came the dreamy state.

  2. Question on Single Whip:
    I’d be interested to know, at the moment of the 2nd part of Single Whip, when there’s the movement of the left hand. In general I feel a slight discomfort in my body ++ I’ve been already asked by other people about the movement. So far I’ve been moving first the left foot, after it reaches the ground I just move my left hand while turning the body and change weight-shift. Natural orientation in front.

    Should the left hand and foot move at the same time? Or is it better applying “Walk like a tiger” as I do at the moment?

    Thank you.

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