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RE: 04.13: progressrodney for bio
Date: Fri, 18 Oct 2013 20:09:49 +1100

I have had to think about my answer but then I thought “practise” instead of contemplate.

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  1. Subject: Today’s practice – Taoist melee

    Woke up with anger , practiced with anger. Sometimes I got extra focus from it. I felt hot through the core, but with cold extremities.
    I felt the chi in the start of section 1, then nada.
    Noticed a lot of tipping that created the movement. The pace varied throughout the practice.

  2. Date: Tue, 22 Jul 2014 13:57:04 +1000

    Hi Sifu,
    Most recent experiences are watching you and feeling you (on me) adjusting the posture of andrew/magda/myself.
    We were asked to stand in a resting position then you hold the head of that person. From the adjustment to the head, the spine finds a new resting point that has an improved Point of Balance. The weight shifts evenly onto the foot and the person seem not to be holding themselves upward. It is like the muscles and connective tissue gets the message of where the ideal point of balance is and gets out of the way. The body is then held by gravity working through the bones while the tissues remain soft.
    I have noticed also the Sahast.rara has an increased flow (when I am still enough to see) after the adjustment.
    kind reagrds,

  3. Sifu said “from mousing” I was confused and wondered why I couldn’t remember anyone in Chinese history called Mhou Zing. Whoops !

  4. Match report 14/3/15

    During the dance I found my posture sinking while remaining straight.
    In section 3 my focus dropped and my irritation increased. There was a personal trainer that decided to organize his group to run around us yelling at each other. My hypertension increased and I found it hard to bring myself back through the rest of section 3.

  5. Subject: Re: Match Report Mortdale
    Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2015 11:46:10 +1100
    Other martial arts will teach an external application.
    Tai-Chi develops the internal dynamics of chi and to do this the student must stay soft to allow these dynamics to reveal themselves.
    If you take one of the styles from our Dance and apply it without having experienced the internal dynamics then you will use force / strength / speed to manipulate the opponent. – this is not Tai Chi.
    Tai Chi is soft / flowing / spontaneous. It varies in speed and applied properly, can deal some nasty blows …..

  6. Match Report 26/7/14
    I had terrible focus throughout the Dance – got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning!
    Kept forgetting that Danya was a part of the Dance. Felt on edge, the weather was getting to me and I felt little flow.
    Then following and mirroring Sifu at first was merely ‘doing it’, but then it flipped over to “IT”.
    I felt being held (by Shri Paramachaitanya) during “Raise Hands Step Up”. Felt warmth up my back, not just the muscles. And my rotated hip opened up.

  7. Subject: Notes from sword

    In the sword less form I found my right hand tensing up when there was no sword in my hand. The style that goes low, took me lower then normal, this was effortless.

    Also I found having the sword creates my awareness external/ outwards, whereas with no sword my awareness went internal/ inwards.

  8. Subject: 1.09

    Constant rate is the awareness of movement between styles, there is no stopping. Each style’s end is the next style’s beginning. It is the flow that comes through at a “constant rate”, not the speed at which it was done.

    The constant rate becomes a mindless awareness where you don’t plan or think about the next move. It can become tempting to stop (particularly on outstrokes) but that comes from the mind. The flow doesn’t stop.

  9. Today’s dance was one of focus and depth. The rain really supports the stillness and feedback of nature.
    The ground had a standout quality during the Dance. It had life force that was interacting with our dance, rich and pulsating. It felt like a heartbeat of the earth.
    A strong sense of the “dragon” played out throughout the dance. When I got out of the way the flow of the “dragon” was very strong.

  10. Update from Tuesday, when following Sifu (flanked by Magda and Andrew).

    Doing ‘FWF’ today felt different from anytime before, especially compared to when practising on my own.

    I couldn’t feel my feet when following Sifu. It felt like I had sunk into the ground.

    Afterwards when practising on my own, my feet were not the same. They were very sensitive to the grass, they hovered over when moving but they weren’t sunk into the earth.

    Kind regards,

  11. Subject: Re: 1.02-report?
    Hi Sifu ,
    The second time when you led and put the group around me I felt the flow. This allowed me to relax into the movement. The tension in my feet was highlighted by putting my awareness there.
    When the tension let go in my feet, the tension in my legs was highlighted, when that let go the tension traced all the way to the centre of my pelvis. This tension feels like a dam on the flow of Chi through the hips, legs and feet. It also blocks the interaction/exchanges between me and the earth, almost an untrusting relationship.
    This brings me back to last Saturday when the Chi in Sifu became visible and was being exchanged between the Earth and Sifu. There was a denseness to Sifu’s Chi which built a movement of subtle force towards the lean.
    Timing is everything in Tai Chi as these two days have showed me a level to aspire to.
    Kind regards,

  12. Was impressed with Parvati’s performance at today’s Dance. She really took charge of her role as the right wing, with a smile on her face.
    It felt like her lesson after that was created by her moment of stepping up.

    Today’s dance for me, it was like being in different rubber bands , one tied to my dantien, and the other one tied to Sifu. Both of them leading me.

    As for the lesson while Ganesh Stuthi was being sung a vision of coming out of downward dominance was an upwards movement growing the opponent backwards.

    At the end of the dance there was a landing of a connection that made my heart feel massive.

  13. I did the dance this morning down at Bronte with “l.h.” as the flavour and it brought back the experience of engaging the dan-tien with the hands/arms feeling light and they were moving around like ribbons. The yang movements feel like they come from the belly and they whip out through the hands.

    In the lessons the outstrokes are being defined/discovered which has changed the way I do the form.

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