Push Hands

Subject: Push hands 4/07/18
Date:  Wed, 4 Jul 2018 18:10:23 +1000
Today after practising CMC together we started Push Hands as usual.  Today Sifu seemed more responsive and less predictable than usual without direction, and I lasted not even one round on each occasion.  Magda very soon had to go earlier than usual.
Magda and Sifu discussed “to be Insubstantial”, and after Magda left Sifu instructed me to attempt it during Push Hands.  At the beginning of resting hands on the other one starts, and I was reminded to be “light as a feather”.
Not being sure how to be insubstantial all I did was to kind of remain “light as a feather” i.e. only maintaining contact and following Sifu.  When touching that lightly one needs to be very alert and feel what is happening.
In the first bout Sifu kind of seemed to turn back and move passed me across from right to left.  He immediately said something like “very well done, you’ve done it, you got me first time!  I actually felt a bit disappointed because I didn’t know I had “done” anything, kind of felt like I missed something.
The next bout I followed Sifu down, my foot became reactive and Sifu stopped and instructed me not to try to control my balance etc.  The remainder of the Push Hands I maintained as above mainly “light as a feather” and Sifu said I had made a significant breakthrough, and should remember today’s lesson, and also present a report as I have done.
On walking back for Tai Chi Coffee I told Sifu about my experience in meditating this morning how I was just watching myself, and it seemed initially like nothing was happening. But out of that nothingness first I felt light, a small crackling release in my head, and a sensation like a sinus clearing.  Waiting and watching a kind of experience of joy manifesting itself occurred.
Further to that Sifu elaborated around “not doing” and so spontaneously Mother Kundalini manifesting.
Regards, Andrew.

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