Beyond the gate of experience flows the Way,
Which is ever greater and more subtle than the world.
~Lao Tze

Subject: lesson
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 2015 06:48:44 +0200
Sifu Thanks for the skype lesson and the beautiful meta-therapy.
During the experience of following you, I felt my body tense and my painful arm that followed the flow I felt as if you could make stretching arm. I followed Sifu and I followed the flow of energy.
During meta therapy it was as if you were physically in front of me … I felt your movements and didn’t sense any difference with doing therapy in person.
Thank you for your support for me to start to spread the Divine Gift of Yuan Chi Tai Chi Chuan in Rome.
Claudia Casetti

Push Hands 0nline

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  1. Subject: Report on meta-therapy:

    Due to my lumbar pain-lumbago – we had to stop progress in newer Tai Chi lessons. Instead, Sifu offered a meta-therapy session that I couldn’t refuse.
    I sat on a chair in front of the Skype camera ~2.5-3 metres away and after a short preparation Sifu started the session. I entered into a meditative mood, and started to feel heat coming out of the soles of my feet. Then an activation of my left Vishuddhi, an opening up and I went into deeper meditation, the head and agnya cleared out and I started to feel the flow of the Chaitanya around my head.
    I also experienced lightness in the body and even transcending the sense of the body, in this vibratory state the pain was gone, I mean no sense of the body – no pain.
    The heat also disappeared from the soles of my feet.
    Then we continued with the exercise of putting my attention on the painful area and also on Sifu’s same part of the body (lower back). I started to feel tingling, then heating up of my lower back, and again feeling the pain disappearing.

    After this I watched sifu performing stances cycle but I just didn’t get the point here, maybe the torso and the body are always aligned?

    In the last few minutes I followed sifu in simple weight-shifting and turning exercises, actually this part was quite subtle, I felt it had parts of unweighted foot/unweighted knee but also felt the body movements being guided.

    Best wishes,

  2. Hi Sifu,
    Most recent experiences are watching you and feeling you (on me) adjusting the posture of andrew/magda/myself.
    We were asked to stand in a resting position then you hold the head of that person. From the adjustment to the head, the spine finds a new resting point that has an improved Point of Balance. The weight shifts to evenly on the foot and the person seem not to be holding themselves upward. It is like the muscles and connective tissue gets the message of where the ideal point of balance is and gets out of the way. The body is then held by gravity working through the bones while the tissues remain soft.
    I have noticed also the Sahasrara has an increased flow (when I am still enough to see) after the adjustment.
    kind regards,

  3. Subject: Flu Symptoms
    Date: Sat, 18 Feb 2012 13:42:38 +1100
    Today Master Ric helped heal me of my cold and flu. As we sat in the crowded cafe` with others sitting at the table chatting away, Master Ric placed his foot on my foot and proceeded to have his lunch. After a short time, I noticed my body temperature increase almost like I was sitting in a sauna. I felt the urge to sit up straighter and I could feel a very strong Cool Breeze through both hands (which were resting on my lap). Towards the end of this informal procedure I felt very dizzy.
    It was here that Master Ric stopped (he had also just finished his lunch). After this procedure, I felt much stronger and clear headed and by the time I arrived home I felt great! This prompted me to write this account.

  4. Date: Thu, 9 Feb 2012 15:01:31 +1100
    My journey in Yuan-Chi Tai Chi Chuan
    I had pulled my right shoulder in the morning when changing Kian(my infant son). Sifu asked me to sit on the grass and started to touch my shoulder… pretty much as soon as he touched my shoulder, I felt warmth and could hardly focus on the pain; it was gone. A couple of hours later, a little discomfort remains, but other than that … Fine.

  5. Tuesday, 27 September 2011 Push Hands

    Next time asked to try Inertia not resistance and felt very grounded like connected to the Earth; Sifu’s release only returned me to neutral.

    Later Sifu stood in middle and asked 3 of us to stand around him and to “neither resist nor assist” . I found I succeeded in loosing balance several times; Master Ric said “very good”.

  6. Subject:Healing Hands
    Dear Ric,
    Thank you very much for your healing hands. I have actually been experiencing significant pelvic pain and discomfort over the past few weeks, and have tried all sorts of things to help, none of which made a significant difference. You and your Tai Chi master healing touch however have made a significant difference and I have a much more manageable level of discomfort, which I will keep working on during Tai Chi practice.
    Thanks again,

  7. Subject: Bits and pieces (including ‘the finger’)
    Hi Master Ric,
    My back and side have been on the mend, with the bad areas sort of opening up. This means it is easier to get to the areas that I believe cause the pain. They are still very difficult to get to as they are in the deep muscles around the spine and in my stomach but at least now I can locate and isolate them whereas up until very recently those same areas have been just a mass of rock like numbness causing very deep pain… which takes me to “the finger”.
    As I mentioned Ric, I started to experiment using my own sense of touch and feeling following that session a couple of Saturdays ago {5th May} where you pointed one of the fingers of your right hand towards one of my trouble spots in my stomach while I was experiencing my usual deep cramping and tightening pains. This I found offered a ‘clearing’ type of relief and the pain and cramping subsided.

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