Marketa’s Seminar report (Rimetea)

Dear all,

I am very pleased that I had this opportunity to spend a week with Sifu in our small group in Rimetea, Romania. Thank you Sifu! (and Aron – for your support and organization).

For me, very introspective in many layers. The reminder of how important is doing and experiencing rather than talking and thinking.

We did the Push Hands a lot and I really enjoyed that. I realized how / what I feel during the practice and also how important it is to practise the energy flow when the other being is involved, while neither assist, nor resist; the great teacher of the balance.

I was amazed while watching sword-dance, staring at Sifu – those precise movements with no force, so peaceful and so powerful. In the end of watching-staring I got a headache for a little while. Having a chance to join Sifu and Aron the next day was wonderful and in the end when I finished the following, it just blew my mind. Wow. My mind was completely empty for a while, with the feel of joy.

Also, I really enjoyed the last dance. That was the first time in my life I did 108 with mainly my eyes closed, while my body was moved nearly constantly and I just followed the movements, not judging myself when I was repositioned or I opened my eyes and reconnect to the group. Then closed eyes and just continue following the movements, I felt at peace. Wonderful.

For the first few nights at home, I still felt some movements from the dance in my body. Incredible.

Thank you all for your openness, for your sharing and the inspiration you brought.

With kind regards,

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