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About myself
I was born in Mudgee, NSW and lived on 3 different farms attending schools in Mudgee until I moved to Sydney to Study Dentistry at Sydney University following in the footsteps of my grandfather and great grandfather who were both dentists in Mudgee.

After graduating in 1988 I worked at Westmead Hospital for 2 years and since then have worked in private practice. I married in 1989 and have 2 children Mia and Nicholas.

In 2011 I was diagnosed with a congenital Atrial Septal defect, hole in the heart and Coeliac Disease which was a huge shock as I was rarely sick and quite resilient.
In October 2014 I had open heart surgery, attended rehabilitation, returning to my pilates class and work in January 2017.

How I came to Yuan-Chi Tai Chi Chuan
Although I had many hobbies and interests including botanical art class, photography, reading, gardening, movie going, creating I needed a way to deal with stress and  self esteem. I think growing up in the country you become quite self reliant and I sometimes felt a lack of confidence in social situations. My values were not always those of some family and friends who seemed to have ever bigger houses and more expensive lifestyles but lacked compassion.

On Wednesday 6th April 2016 I arrived home from work and received 3 messages.
My friend Vivienne had died that day of cancer, another of the school mums was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer and my cousin with throat cancer. As it turned out 2016 was to be the most challenging year of my life.

So now Tai Chi
Robert De Niro, The Intern, Google, Constant Balance, Tuesday 2nd August 2016 7am first Tai Chi class.
I was humbled by the acceptance and patience of all in the Tai Chi class which became quite a haven.  I worried that my brain was not up to the task, I struggled to be on time but just kept trying, turning up. The magical park full of trees, birds, dogs, life served as a comforting backdrop.
I hope that I can grow to experience an inner resilience, peace and wisdom.

In gratitude, no apologies!
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Anthony at “Eatonsville”, Piambong

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  1. Dance Saturday 26th August 2017

    As the orientation was different it seemed we were all closer together. At first, I was very aware of Sifu’s breathing. I managed to follow. At times, I was out of sync but somehow flowed on. I was also aware of my position in relation to Sifu and slowly repositioned myself.

    During the dance, I noticed one fresh green leaf on the ground close to me. Later I noticed another leaf was lying next to it but turned on its side. At the end, I saw to the right many fresh green leaves scattered.

    Other sensations:
    I have also experienced a kind of paralysis where my arms do not rise up but feel heavy.
    Often relaxing and closing my eyes helps me start. Other times my arms just float up by themselves.
    This week I have also been clumsy. Always dropping things, bumping things. It has been excessive.

    • When the All Pervading Energy of Divine Love cleans the sixth centre of Agnya, the eyes become bright and things become clearer.

      Also, when the fresh new tea pours into the chalice, the stale dregs are expelled?

  2. Class Tuesday 22nd August 2017 7am

    I rushed to class feeling emotional and tired. Sifu straight away gave me alone time.
    I was relieved to close my eyes and just be. I decided to imagine I was in the park by myself.

    A great calm came over me; a stillness.

    The noise and smell of the leaf blower was omnipresent. After I felt more peaceful I allowed my arms to rise up and down by themselves, sometimes pausing. I had the thought that when the leafblower stopped I would rejoin the class.

    Lastly, I experienced Cloud Hands.

  3. In the shower late one night
    I was relaxing under the warm water flow, my eyes closed.
    It was so peaceful and then I was standing on the globe, the earth, just me and the world.
    I was supported and could look down and see the whole globe under me with space all around.
    It reminded me of a movie I saw at IMAX called green Planet where the earth was viewed from outer space.

  4. Saturday 12th August around 12 midnight

    It had been a very long day but now the house was tidy after having friends over for dinner and I felt happy. I decided to run through section 1.

    As I relaxed and began I felt an electric tingling in my fingers. It was like a short circuit, putting 2 wires together. Not the continuous buzz and flow I had experienced before.

  5. Subject: Saturday’s Dance Once Around the World

    As I left home a kookaburra sang. I arrived early and the sky was ablaze.

    During the dance I felt very calm, very peaceful and noticed at first how slow the movements seemed.

    Initially I was aware of following, matching my timing until I could just relax and flow. Each member of the dance seemed intent, Sifu floated joyfully amidst us all singing us along.

    Although the group felt very cohesive, pace and style varied slightly. Towards the end I noticed the varied songs of the numerous birds.

    When we were finished I felt like I had experienced a very intense hour and it was a little hard to then refocus for another hour’s lesson. My mind felt blank.

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