Learning from Lum,sifu

What is it like to learn from Lum, wm[ric]; Sifu ?

I like that it’s not rote delivery of the teacher at the front for everyone to imitate. We receive different practice tasks adapted to where each student is at. Multiple lessons are in progress with senior students tasked with teaching newer students. A layering curriculum has been developed with careful consideration behind the sequence of how ideas get introduced but at the same time he’s responsive to stimulus on the day crafting a spontaneous lesson based on an observation within the group. The mode of learning ranges from watch, follow, demonstrate; to here’s a task – go and figure it out on your own; to observe others and note differences; to group sharing about experiences; receiving energy flow that moves you or the sharing of pertinent stories. This intimate delivery of teaching is a rare channel to ancient wisdom from assorted Masters that he’s studied with, along with Ric’s unique insights from his own ongoing spiritual evolution. His intention is fostering your own growth; how that is brought about will be different for each individual. Authentically the real deal, that you won’t find on other street corners; I wouldn’t wake up early every Saturday morning for any ol’ class but this one is an embodied dance in presence that is not to be missed!

Shona, 2024.

An ex-Judoka’s find

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