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Why did I start Tai Chi? I heard a call inside of me for it and I just followed it. It was “a feeling” or intuition that this is exactly what I need.

How do I feel when I practise Tai Chi? Every time when I finish the Tai Chi practice, I feel joy in my heart. No matter how tired I am at the beginning of the practice, at the end the feeling inside and the state of mind is completely different, meaning better 😊 It is almost like my heart is singing by itself. I do not understand anything of Tai Chi, I do not recall the names of the movements and I honestly don’t bother much about it. I just feel it. The joy is more important than understanding or knowing with the mind, for me at least.

Aron says we write history every minute of our lives. I had the chance to realize the truth behind these words. The feelings during Tai Chi practice are different every time. Sometime intense, sometimes very smooth – almost like silk or air – sometimes very fast appearing and disappearing, and sometimes they last longer.

Today, we did the first section four times in a row. The feelings were amazing. Usually, my movements are pretty fast. In order to practise slower than usually, I decided to give time to my mind to notice every detail of the changes in my body during the movements. I was surprised. Some parts of the body were totally relaxed, while others were very active. I discovered tiny muscles that I didn’t know that I have, the way the layers of subtle muscles from the spine/back and ponytail or from the abdomen changed gradually their state from tension to relaxation and … a little more. Something for which I do not have a name yet. It was more then joy. By the time we reached the third repetition of the first section, it was like my neck and my head were like a big fire, or like a spring of water spreading joyfully endless “light” in all directions. It was like all the previous practice was a preparation for this moment.
Very precious experience!

Thank you Sifu for patiently guiding me. 
21st November 2020

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