Jorge’s Seminar report (Rimetea)

Good morning Sifu, Aron and my fellow travellers on the journey of learning.

On a superficial level as we all agreed, I found the location, and the pensione, an ideal relaxed place to be able to focus on learning and connecting. The food was exceptional, made with love and wholesome which supported an overall feeling of health and vitality. (even if we did overindulge driven by some guilt for the food left over after every meal).

Meeting Aron, Marketa and Eugen was a privilege as learning and experiencing alongside fellow students felt very right. It was like meeting new souls I had already previously met. The best explanation is the feeling I experienced on saying farewell, it felt like leaving friends I had known for many years, not just 6 days.

My learning experience was intense, (hence the name of the week I guess). My greatest experiences, learnings were:

  • Feeling connected to the dance and the dancers more than ever before, but feeling this by the sudden break of connections which were frequent and part of my new understanding of letting go of the visual and thinking self during the dance.
  • Finally understanding the true meaning of not assisting or resisting and the complex energy and connection required to develop this state while in motion (Push Hands practice and discussions). Very strong sense of how much of a novice I actually am, and excited by how much more there is to learn through practice.
  • I feel I now have had a glimpse into the origins and uniqueness of Yuan-Chi, also the depth of the knowledge and energy in and around Sifu which again has been a privilege to experience. Sifu will not be surprised to hear that I have so many questions and a strong need to contemplate all I have felt, heard, and seen during this wonderful week of learning.
  • I have practically improved my meditation and empty thoughts practice as well as starting to understand what lies beyond ‘hand-method’ that sneaky description which entices the beginner to the depth of learning still to be discovered when we are ready.

My kindest regards,

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