Intensive Workshop & Seminar 13th-19th July in Viterbo, ITALY

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This year we hold our European Event in the historic city of Viterbo, 2 hours due north of Rome in sunny Italy. 

Apart from being an opportunity for Europeans to experience the wonders of Yuan-Chi, this Intensive is also an encounter where the founder can get to know participants who wish to join the Way and be trained to become Instructors of Yuan-Chi Tai Chi Chuan.
Candidates for Instructorship shall be offered weekly personal training via Skype after this Intensive.

You are invited to reserve your place by signing in via PayPal at the bottom of this page. Please note that places are limited by the intimate nature of this full-immersion retreat. First come best dressed?


This is an Intensive that is both workshop and seminar. The programme is varied and full, set in the grounds of an enchanting palazzo. You shall be in full immersion. Lots of action, lots of discussion & laughter, full of silence.

It is a 7-day all-day affair for enjoying the gifts of Arrivederci a Roma!Yuan-Chi; spontaneous arising of the Chi with concomitant calm, lightness of being, flow, harmony and the comfort of returning “home”, to your Self.
As well as incalculable health benefits.

Following Sifu, the phenomenon of auto-motion may arise. One may even feel the  presence of this blessing as a Cool Breeze; soothing & nourishing your being.

We begin by 7 AM each morning with the Dance of Yuan-Chi Tai Chi Chuan. Followed by a hearty breakfast of talking, heated discussions? and laughter. A round-table of questions & answers.

Then onto more activities; apart from absorbing basic Tai Chi Chuan in the Tao of Yuan-Chi, we workshop by enjoying the gracious effect of the great Chi; collective energy circulation, effortless movement and energy exchange.
Yuan-Chi Push Hands revolves around the occurrence of this power of love, which cleanses and nourishes.

A forum on Tao, Dance and Tai-Chi is served with morning tea .

swingin'roundThen onto more Tai-Chi; we can explore the transformation of dance and movement into Yuan-Chi Tai-Chi, we experiment with adjusting movements so that it requests the flow of the grace of the Cool Breeze.

We experience joy and belonging through real collective energy circulation. We investigate the nature of Yuan-Chi “combat”.

Lunch and siesta is followed by the first afternoon session, which is chased by afternoon tea. The fifth and final session of the day ends before 7 PM, followed by dinner.

And if it is not too challenging, we play with “No Hands?”; energy transmission through space?


Yuan-Chi   Who or what is it?
TAO?         The Way actualized?
Love and self-defence?      Is Chi Love?
Zhang San-feng and Tai Chi Chuan
Lao-tze c.f. Shri Mataji?
“Neither Assist Nor Resist”
SURRENDER?  ARRENDERSI?   et cetera… et cetera……..


Meta-therapy may be offered by sifu, for a fee. Please ask for an appointment before arrival.
Flexibility and suppleness is inherent in the daily timetable of the spontaneous way.
Pre-dawn Sahaj meditations are available, free-of-charge.
Tears and fond farewells at 5 PM on Sunday afternoon the 19th when we officially close this year’s European Retreat.

13th – 19th July 2015; 7 full days.

Viterbo, ITALY ( 105km north of Rome ) at Viale Trieste 96.

The fee is €300, which pays for all teaching and activities.
+ €12 per day for breakfast, lunch, morning and afternoon teas.
You may choose to either pay the full fee of €300 now or a non-refundable part-payment of €150.

Please feel free to  contact us at:
We look forward to welcoming you on 13 July in Viterbo, ITALIA!

7day Intensive Workshop/Seminar 13-19 July 2015
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