In the summer of 2013 I had a severe injury in my lower back so I couldn’t stand straight or walk properly.

Then I met Lum Sifu and I started to learn the Way of Tao. I received a personal intensive course – learning Section One of Yuan-Chi  Tai Chi Chuan. Sifu also treated me and everything worked out perfectly.

My injury was such that I experienced severe pain in my lower back on the left side and the pain was going down the leg all the way to the foot and my toes became numb. Through two weeks’ practice the pain almost disappeared from my leg and the numbness started to move and change. Only some of my toes remained numb. Sifu was making jokes that I loved pain because I really had to move and do the exercises although I was in agony.

Altogether I followed Sifu for two weeks in Cabella, Italy plus another week in Moravka, Czech Republic during July-August 2013.

The healing process was really effective and fast. Sometimes I just lay on the ground as he worked on my leg by putting his foot on different points on my leg. This helped me really to rest and regenerate. At other times we were moving together in a way that he helped me to go into auto motion which resulted in my body ending up in different positions each time.

Now I know how to use this method on my own and it’s still healing me every time. It’s a technique in which the body aligns itself to a position specifically needed in that moment. I noticed also that the healing process continually went back in time to the roots of the injury and removed them one by one, from the present moment back to the beginning of the problem. After two months of daily practice my leg was back to normal but I still had some feeling in my lower back, not pain but just a novel feeling.

Sifu told me that such injuries needed time, maybe two – three years to heal using only Yuan-Chi Tai-Chi. So I went for a check-up and the doctor sent me to physiotherapy where I learned how the spine is organised and how it functions and they gave me only one exercise to do.

After two years’ of diligent practice I no longer feel any pain or strange sensations in my back.

I’m still practising Yuan-Chi  Tai Chi Chuan today and I’m happy to have met Sifu as well as some other of his European students in the summer of 2013.

Best regards,
Date:     Mon, 5 Oct 2015 14:32:13 +0300
From:    Raycho Karaivanov

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  1. Subject: Lesson one 09.11.2016

    Hi Aron,
    A few things about today’s lesson. First I felt little nervous maybe because it was my first experience in this skype-type lesson.
    But as we continued I relaxed.. generally I felt quite good, little sweaty though 🙂 Maybe because of cleansing or because I had to think more than usual…

    Best regards to you and Sifu

    PS. the vibrations were present and strong, can’t wait till next time 🙂 May the Force be with you.

  2. Hi Sifu,
    I want to tell you about my experience this summer. We were in BG for 5 weeks and we had a mini Vashi seminar in the mountains. So I had the opportunity to present Yuan-Chi Tai Chi Chuan to two yogis. A man and a woman with the same names: Anton and Antoaneta.

    They both felt the energy and the spirit of Tai-Chi, especially Antoaneta was very much impressed. Actually she was in your morning class once in Cabella, but at that time she says she didn’t understand what she was doing. But when I showed her section one she immediately said that the Shri Durga Kavach came to mind etc. When I explained to her the subtle side of the movements she immediately felt it.

    She wants to learn more. This is especially good for her because she is recovering from an operation on her left knee.

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