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My name is Eugen, and I hail from the beautiful city of Cluj-Napoca în România. I initially embarked on my journey into Yuan-Chi Tai Chi Chuan under the guidance of Mr. Sipos, Aron. Life has seen me immersed in Japanese martial arts, particularly Kyokushin, since 1991. As a military individual, I’ve always believed that discipline and method were my guiding principles.

It’s intriguing how the shift in my mindset occurred almost imperceptibly. One day, while attempting to relieve tension in my legs using a Chinese method, something clicked. Without consciously realizing it, I found myself seeking more knowledge that very day. Since then, it’s been like an enchantment for me. Every evening, I eagerly retire to bed, anticipating the joy of waking up the next morning to practise. I don’t quite understand why, but there’s an undeniable sense of fulfilment in it.

When I crossed paths with Aron, I had already been practising Chen style Tai Chi Chuan for over three years. At the request of my instructor, I delved into the study of anatomy and took up Yang style for a while. But learning 108 forms from Aron was a revelation. I felt a profound connection, as if something within me was effortlessly moving in harmony with gravity. At first, I felt the nerves in my arms pulsating in an unpleasant manner, giving me the feeling of weakness but at the same time they felt light. In time my movements became more interconnected, and a sense of comfort settled in. Very comfortable indeed.

A recent enlightening moment occurred just last week during my practice. I realized that being upset or angry is not a natural state of being. Everything around us, people and things, serves a purpose and are somehow interconnected, including myself. In that moment, I felt like a warm summer breeze gently flowing through an ancient mountain forest, connected with all other beings.

Regarding the physical benefits, I must emphasize that I no longer experience knee pain, and my left coxarthrosis has improved. Yuan-Chi Tai Chi Chuan is, without a doubt, the softest and most friendly system of movement I have ever encountered.

With all these reflections in mind, I am genuinely delighted and eager to continue my journey with Yuan-Chi Tai Chi Chuan from this point forward. 

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