Dan’s Itchin

I came to Tai-Chi as a bit of a sceptic, having dabbled with yoga and meditation with limited results, not really thinking it would bring any benefit. However, I was proved wrong on my very first lesson! I felt an immediate connection with the practice that left me bewildered, humbled and wanting more. 

From that first week I began practising whenever I could, keen to learn the Dance and open myself up to the universal energy source, which I can feel myself tapping into at each lesson. Sifu Ric has opened a door for me that I have gladly stepped through, and with his guidance and the help of the rest of the group I am slowly learning “the Way”.

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  1. Who’s sifu?

    This moment came to me during the first cloud hands in section 3, as we were leading to Repulse monkey. I was in a great flow state today and felt totally at ease in my surroundings.
    Whilst in the motion of cloud hands, for a brief instant I had no idea who you were. I remember thinking to myself, “who is this man standing next to me?” You felt like a stranger. This person was doing your movements and wearing your clothes, but it was not you.
    As we turned and I faced the group, everyone seemed to grow, and became much larger versions of themselves. They felt like giants! I couldn’t help but smile to myself and I was filled with euphoria. All I could sense was everyone’s stature. I didn’t even notice what my body was doing.
    When we turned again, you became a much younger person. Almost a small child at first, then as a young adult. It was you but not quite you. Not a stranger anymore but a different version.

    Even describing this to the group after the dance felt amazing, like my entire being was filled with immense joy.

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