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An English teacher from the Czech Republic, at the moment a mama-to-be, very excited both at receiving Yuan-Chi Tai Chi lessons and about observing a new life being created and growing in this body.

Met Master Ric Lum at Moravka in summer 2013 and it just blew my mind. Unforgettable, our group balancing on the waves of Param.chaitanya, letting go of ego which is desperately trying to keep in control, wind joyfully playing with leaves gently falling down, warm sun’s rays caressing everything around, soothing deep peace and surrender inside.


After a 7-year-long break I’ve started again. Feeling very humble and grateful. So much peace enters my body and soul just after a couple of minutes of practice. Feeling so grounded. My busy and noisy household calms down miraculously.
Today feeling highly intuitive: the movements are our attempts at becoming one with the GOLDEN RATIO, so awesome.
Sifu quoted Shri Mataji: “God made us human BEINGS, not human doings.
Everything falls into place. Unity.

I’m an NLP Coach (feeltheflow-koucink.com)

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  1. Writing after such a long time.
    I´m actually so astonished I am still here.
    What a journey.
    What a privilege.

  2. Section 3 for the 1st time
    Today´s lessons was all about the complete section 3. For me it was for the first time I ever did anything from this section. I loved the high-arms positions, what a great stretch they are. Was surprised I was actually able to follow effortlessly the full half of it, then my mind started to fuss. Happy to be part of the flow.

  3. It has been a long time that I have had the privilege to join Master´s lessons. Today I felt the peace and the joy of the flow and my mind was at rest, reassuring me that if I ever get to some crazy political camp I might always calm myself and feel connected with the Paramachaintanya with Yuan-chi Tai-Chi.

  4. Subject: Re: amateur Yuan-Chi video

    I can humbly say I was surprised that just from seeing me practise Yuan-Chi Tai-Chi her face was shining like anybody´s is when you give them realization Sahaj way.

    She was fascinated by this gentle, innocent & pure way like the people who have just received the highest blessing of realization.

    She was shining with new knowledge and she was thanking me all so grateful.

    It was really amazing, I´m sure she got her realization Yuan-Chi way.

  5. At the start of our skype lesson today Sifu had me stand facing him with my eyes closed. I felt energy transfer across the ether which put me into balance.
    Result? Felt healed and grateful with a really bad backache removed by the effortless flow of Yuan-Chi.
    Tip from today´s lesson: stretching during class actually blocks the flow.

  6. 3rd lesson 7 Oct
    Felt really fortunate today, how can it be I´m receiving such martial arts lessons? And I felt the answer was – it used to be your desire in your past lives, so now it´s getting fulfilled. Simple.

  7. 2nd lesson 30 Sept 2014
    Practised Yuanchi Taichi with my eyes closed and felt vibrations instantly, no problems with balance, amazing.

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