Cosmic dance

The true significance of Yuan-Chi Tai Chi Chuan is that it is movement that invokes the flow of the All-Pervading Energy. It is motion that obeys and is in the Tao, the Way.

The wider implication of this is the potential for a human being to spread blessings through his/her motion.

There is both an art as well as a science to this transforming ability. A master of Yuan-Chi can turn walking, writing or housework into Grace. It is like transforming motion into music.

The field of systematic movement includes dance, sports, therapeutic exercise and martial arts. {Yuan-Chi Tai Chi Chuan, incidentally, is all 4 of the above categories}


I think that most systems of movement are too unevolved to be transformed into cosmic dance.

There are however notable exceptions:

  • In athletics; in running I have seen two exceptional Olympic champions who have imbibed (unconsciously?) parts of the secret: Michael Johnson of the USA in 400metres(retired undefeated) and Usain Bolt of Jamaica in 100metres. (If you discover what they have in common in their running styles you will have uncovered a few of the ‘tricks’ of Tai Chi Chuan.) And of course there’s a reason why graceful cricketers and tennis players are entrancing to watch?
  • In dance I think the following may have enough potential to be upgraded into Yuan-Chi; ‘belly dance’{Raas Shaqui}, Indian temple dancing, tango[milonga], flamenco, foxtrot, Viennese waltz, modern waltz, Chinese dancers twirling silk streamers in the classical style etc.
  • In martial arts, 3 styles come immediately to mind; judo, ba-kua[no surprise as it is condensed from Tai Chi Chuan] and Choy Lee Fut / Hung Gah.

Put another way, the greater of the greatest masters is one whose every movement is a prayer, a benediction, and dedication to the Divine.

Round like a circle in a spiral, like a wheel within a wheel

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