cool breeze

“You cannot know the meaning of your life until you are connected to the power that created you.”
~Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

I have had no bad experiences, and so can only relate positive ones. At times when practising I would get a sensation of shimmering vibrations on my hands, and lots of cool. This experience is well known to practitioners of SY as the flow of Kundalini (the subtle desire and mechanism of our evolution within) becoming stronger.

One can actually feel the all pervading power as a cool breeze.

During a Kung Fu training session a month ago I was playing with some moves in Ric’s Tai Chi form. One of my students came over and at that moment he could feel my chi transmitting to him. Godfrey told me he could feel the cool chi in his palms as I was doing the moves, It was pretty amazing!!!
Another student Tyson also felt this cool chi in his palms as he was doing the Southern Mantis Sarm Bo Gin form; they both smiled and looked at me as if I was an amazing person!

After that session, I began to experiment in lifting my students’ arms using this cool chi, and to my surprise I was able to do it. It got better as I was practising more and more tai chi everyday, and now to a point that I could feel their arms in the actual lift!!
Master John Lee
November 20, 2004 at 6:24pm

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  1. Subject: Re: 04.11: match report
    Date: Wed, 06 May 2015 08:16:09 +0300

    04.11. 8 sided hands

    The vibrations were quite pleasant during the execution of these moves. It has benefits on both the physical level (articulation of the shoulders is warmed up) and subtle level (entering the witness state the joy and vibrations appear). These simple circular moves form the base of changing hands in the Tai Chi styles e.g. Brush Knee.

    I felt very strong vibrations around the body while practising with Parvati (she was following me), the experience was the same as giving someone self-realization while opening up the heart (the feeling was the same).


  2. 2nd lesson 30 Sept 2014
    Practised Yuan-Chi Tai-Chi with my eyes closed and felt vibrations instantly, no problems with balance, amazing.

  3. Subject: 04.05:
    Repulse monkey
    – I’ve watched the DVD S.2 – Right Wing – I’ve tried to follow you as a warm-up – opened eyes vibrations were appearing in the palms
    – I’ve tried several times with closed eyes:
    1. I’m still facing orientation problems with closed eyes – I’m losing balance quite often
    2. I’ve figured out that by bending more the knees helps in the stability
    3. By putting my attention on the vibrations when doing repetitions, they were getting stronger and overwhelming completely both the lower arms
    4. The attention is mostly split in 2 and juggling between doing the form (correcting the moves) and the vibrations.

  4. Sent: Mon, Jul 30, 2012 11:01:22 PM

    I wish to thank Sifu for sharing his depth of experience with us, and when I am more receptive, am conscious that I have the best experiences of strong vibrations (Shen Chi) on these occasions. More recently have been having quite deep experiences of meditation in particular with Push Hands, and as well when trying to imbibe my current lesson .

  5. Tuesday, 4th October, 2011 Push Hands

    With Sifu – very strong Vibrations. Flow very good, very aware like heightened awareness of the other person.
    Sifu told me “ Remember this Feeling. It’s the stream – the rules and lessons are the sides of the stream or boundaries, but the real Push Hands is the stream in between.”

  6. John and I were trying to perfect a Tai Chi hand movement called the “Tiger’s mouth” at the office when John unconsciously emitted a strong cool breeze to my forearm about 10 inches away as I was trying to show him what I thought was the correct way. I didn’t tell John what he had done straight away because I needed to confirm if it was something else, so I turned off the air conditioner and closed all the doors and windows and asked John to try it again, YES, the cool breeze was so apparent this time it felt like a small portable fan was blowing from his palm.

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