Magda Hribar

Magda HribarGrade: Senior Instructress   {certified to instruct beyond Earth into Water level}
Location: Jubilee Park, Glebe
Page: Magda’s Memory

“Expect to have more questions than answers. If the question is important enough, you will find the answer.”

“When I am instructing someone, I am also learning, so the journey is always ongoing.”

“Constant balance comes about through constant movement which flows out into different parts but comes back to a central point.”

“To dance the 108 in 8minutes one needs to be insubstantial, out of the way of the substantial Chi.”

Ray Hampton

Ray HamptonGrade: Senior Instructor   {certified to instruct beyond Earth into Water level}
Location: Jubilee Park, Glebe
Page: Ray’s Find

“When telling time, don’t describe Watch!”

“In Yuan-Chi Tai Chi, in our school, the meaning and variables of each move reveals itself as a person becomes more subtle, gentle, understanding and compassionate, i.e. they experience the genuine all pervading chi and change internally and externally as a result. Reveals as a person becomes worthy. Genuine Tai Chi develops the subtlety of character.”

“Don’t allow the attention to get stuck in the now but let it go to see where it goes and how far it goes to the extremities and beyond.”

Andrew Rohowyj
B.App.Sc.Phty.    MAPA, MASG, OHPA, BPA

Andrew RohowyjGrade: Apprentice Instructor   {certified to instruct into Earth level}
Location: Glen McGrath Oval; behind Caringbah Medical and Dental, 42 President Ave.
Tel: 0427 481363
Page: Andrew’s Account

“Inertia vs force: If I am not myself, then who or what is the other?… what does the Divine leave UnDone?” 

“Experiences of the subtle are beyond the mind. Therefore, the mind need only surrender or bow to that which is higher to allow the flow.”

Sipos Áron
Java Developer, Coach, Trainer

Sipos Áron - Tai ChiGrade: Instructor of Novices   {certified to instruct into Revision of Hand Method}
Location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Page: Aron’s Awareness

“Just watch and listen.”

Dr. Danya Rose


Grade: Apprentice Instructor   {certified to instruct into Earth level}
Location: Jubilee Park, Glebe
Page: Danya’s Page

“Know the difference between ‘understanding’ and ‘knowing’ (as between ‘reasoning about’ and ‘experiencing’).”

“Those on the path to Mastery seek not power and are thus not brought low by it.”

“The more you look the more illusions you’ll see. The less you look, the more illusions you’ll perceive!
(As Sifu says, “Watch like a child”!)”

“To teach Tai Chi you must be able to recognize and follow the Way.”

Gregor Ptok

Grade: Junior Instructor {certified to instruct beginners in all 108 styles of Yuan-Chi Tai Chi Chuan}
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Page: Gregor’s Tome

“Don’t expect to be perfect – relax and enjoy, even if you are fumbling about. It is the same for every new student.”
“Come to Class.”

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