Yuan-Chi – A Paradigm Shift

Yuan-Chi Tai Chi Chuan improves your health; physical,mental and  emotional. It may also make you a spiritual being.

The physical benefits of Tai Chi Chuan  include lower blood pressure,reduction in pain,  increased balance, better bone mineral density, greater strength, improved immune system function, increased aerobic capacity, improved flexibility, a greater range of motion for rheumatoid arthritis suffers, decreased risk of cardiovascular disease. Read more…

adjusting Hanuman

The psychological benefits of Tai Chi Chuan  include reduced stress, decreased anxiety, decreased feelings of depression, improved sleep, increased self worth and self-esteem, decreased fatigue, improved attention, a general feeling of well-being, and a decrease in feelings of anger and hostility. Read more…


The spiritual benefits vary for each person depending on what they as an individual need and are ready for but students have meditative experiences, find peace, experience grace, the mystical and magical, and spontaneous chi flow. Read more…


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