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  1. The words that Sifu said to me last time about what does it cost to be prepared have been haunting me ever since. Whenever I am going out I think what does it cost to be prepared – absolutely nothing! Thank you. Today, I was therefore toasty in my layers and had other gear just in case the weather turned or my head needed to be warmed.

    As I came to class I noticed a young woman running for the bus. I was so glad that I hadn’t had to rush, instead i was able to arrive – Calm.

    As Sifu demonstrated a section of the dance I had this strong imagery of a beautiful butterfly fluttering. Later on in the dance I observed that one of the movements felt like hands engulfing the expansive earth. Gorgeous images.

    What a wonderful way to start the day. So many people commented on my enthusiasm and energy and I felt completely at peace.

    19 May 2015

  2. Subject: Match Report – 13 May 2015
    { 1st time } …

    ..a seemingly simple movement to learn with another person
    what unveiled was an insight into my own state and the personality of the other

    when both parties began to surrender then there seemed to be no distinction between my arm/hand and theirs
    both equal and entwined and there to assist one another
    then the circular motion became fluid and beautiful

    this was a fleeting experience but a promise of what it can actually feel like and experience

    Thank you

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