george’s sun?

I have a long interest in Spiritual teachings and the history of Ancient eastern arts and music.
Throughout my childhood I watched Kung-fu movies and of course did try to copy them sometimes 🙂
I have practiced martial arts when I was younger, but was always missing something in them:
The Depth ,what is beyond the movements; love & compassion maybe…

Started to practise around the year 2005 Sahaja Yoga meditation, it is a great inspiration.

I have also worked as a traditional massage practitioner in Norway and India.
I always liked to exercise to feel better …. The art of movement attracted attention differently.
I have practiced different styles of Yang style Tai Chi Chuan before. But what Yuan-Chi Tai-Chi brings is more fluidity compared to my previous experiences of Tai Chi Chuan.

In 2013 I met Teacher Ric Lum in Moravka in my home country and experienced what I had previously only read about;
The flow, Tao and stillness while moving?

Nowadays I live in Bangkok , self-learning Permaculture, building a tiny garden ecosystem in town and doing gardening and woodworking projects.

The journey begins with simple steps so here I am ..2 forward and 1 back 🙂

Jiri Solc
Bangkok .Rama 3
On 16/06/2021 10:55 pm

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