Shimada movement

Noriko Shimada

It was my colleague Timothy who introduced me to Sifu Ric Lum. It was perfect timing for me as I needed some gentle physical exercise after suffering tinnitus. And I’d been interested in Tai-chi for some years. Tai-chi looks cool. I always liked watching martial arts, because it looks cool.

I started learning Yuan-Chi Tai Chi Chuan in August 2017. When I started, I felt absolutely hopeless. I struggled to learn the movement and used to blame my age. I’ve just turned 60! After attending sessions for more than two years, I finally got to the Initiate’s starting point; 04.01.

I was born, raised and schooled in Tokyo. Left for W.Germany to continue studying the bassoon and worked in Europe for 20 years before moving to Sydney. I joined the Sydney Symphony Orchestra in 2001. Love teaching bassoon to my students.

I enjoy learning with Sifu . It is fascinating to watch him performing. He challenges us. At every session I learn something new which makes me feel good. I mean, I gain awareness of my body and become more aware of the outside world (trees, air, wind, earth etc.) One day I’d like to be able to move like Sifu.

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  1. What happens to me when following Sifu?

    Body and mind shall be united. Since when has my mind separated from my body? How did it happen? Why didn’t I notice?
    If one knows where to go, his/her body will be able to follow even if not instantly. Since when I lost my way?
    It is the conversations with Sifu, which challenges my brain deeply.

    Sifu knows next steps and his body always follows where he goes. It does not resist.
    I watch Sifu’s graceful movement with full attention not to miss anything.
    I try to peek Sifu’s continuous, seamless, peaceful yet sometimes energetic movements.

    Sifu rarely tells us how to move. This forces us to find our self-awareness.
    We cannot become Sifu. We are, ourselves. I am myself. I shall find myself.
    Then my body and mind will be united and I will be open to perceive everything around me. Then I will truly be able to dance WITH Sifu.

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