Physical Benefits

The physical benefits of Tai Chi Chuan include lower blood pressure, reduction in pain, increased balance, better bone mineral density, greater strength, improved immune system function, increased aerobic capacity, improved flexibility, a greater range of motion for rheumatoid arthritis sufferers, decreased risk of cardiovascular disease.

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Improved Physical Condition

“I began Tai Chi with a long-suffering hip injury that is considerably improved and causes me significantly less pain or discomfort. I have greater movement in that joint and improved balance and strength overall.” Neelica

“… an old shoulder niggle …  began to ache. As the class continued this ache and any feeling of impairment left me without a trace.” Gerry

“I have had a lot less problems with my neck and back,” Magda

“Our youngest daughter at ISPS had suffered from debilitating knee pains since the age of two… we took her to Tai Chi classes with Master Ric and the problem was fixed within 2 months.” Ray

“Sifu showed me how I don’t bend my spine… It felt lovely to stretch like that.” Sara

“…I’ve already noticed little improvements; like my posture has started correcting itself.” Tash



My injury was such that I experienced severe pain in my lower back on the left side and the pain was going down the leg all the way to the foot and my toes became numb.Then I met Lum Sifu and I started to learn the Way of Tao. I received personal instruction as well as treatment.

 Through two weeks’ practice the pain almost disappeared from my leg and the numbness started to move and change. Sifu joked that I loved pain because I really was in agony at first.

The healing process was really effective and fast. Sometimes I just lay on the ground as he worked on my leg by putting his foot on different points on my leg. Everything worked out perfectly.


“ prevents recurrence of DVT?” Gregor

“I’m eating MUCH better than I have for a very long time…” Sharon

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In Yuan-Chi Tai-Chi, when ‘Fire’ level is established, symptoms of thyroid dysfunction begin to disappear. In other words, clearing of Visshudhi chakrum then begins spontaneously.

“ The “spare tyre” is rapidly receding! Yay!” Lionel

“And here is a note on coming to class straight from a long distance flight:” Brenda

“ appears that my feet have changed shape!” Sharon

“It is like I am sharper and I think faster and more clearly…my typing is faster… weird.” Jane

“At some point I realized the tiredness in my legs was associated with something in the “normal” gait of my own personality.., which when I could let go, all the tiredness would lift.” Andrew

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“..such power coming through all of them that it was frightening…” Danya

“ students could see that I have roundness and internal power even within my linear Mantis forms. As for Choy Li Fut, well those low stances feel effortless to do now.” Master John

“..there is a force from the sacrum that is driving my legs into the ground.” Lionel

“..they felt light and yet not powerless (quite the opposite) and under control/well rooted.” Ss

“went to practise Tai Chi I noticed my quadriceps (front thigh muscles) were sore. Today they hurt just to walk. This shows me they really had a workout in class yesterday.” Andrew

“…went to the gym to do some weights, started, then added more, retried, then added more… I was much stronger than I expected” Gerry

“A proper work-out and at least twice I was just about ready to stop because my legs were so exhausted.” Gregor

“like they had been through a workout, they were a bit “sore” but not painfully so; like they had a good workout and were a little bit stiff afterwards.” Magda

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“My own morning’s sensory repertoire included mostly stretching of all the tendons and muscles…” Danya

“Today I have no problems at all while walking and I now run up staircases quite effortlessly.” Sieghilde

“I have had the experience of running upstairs with the ease of feeling as going downstairs, and of running (kind of a shuffle) completely without effort after practising Tai Chi.” Andrew



“Tai-Chi has led to greater balance and grounded-ness. I feel a lot more stable standing on one leg” Gregor

“Also, I recently did some kicks and found myself reaching higher whilst maintaining my balance more than I remember doing before.” Gregor

“I have also felt a lot more strength and stability in my legs and feet.” Magda

“I started doing Tai Chi as a way of improving my balance…” Tash



“Whilst I do not go out of my way to stretch there is more flexibility.” Ray


Blood Pressure

“In particular my blood-pressure, a serious problem my entire adult life, has noticeably improved measurably.” Gerry



“I feel very confident now that I’ve been able to go twelve months without a migraine pharmaceutical drug that I’ll now be able to do this for the rest of my life.” Mick

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