Master John’s Exposition

Master John Lee
Choy Li Fut
Southern Praying Mantis

*Sent:* Thursday, February 24, 2005 9:32 AM
*Subject:* John’s Tai Chi feeling

Hi Ric,
Just written a few sentences of the Chi effects that I felt in
practising Tai Chi today.
Today I was working on “parting the wild horse’s mane”. I began feeling
the chi moving my body to the right place, the circle steps landed in
the right place and my body and arms “flow and sink” on their own. Also
the figure eight chi flow is apparent in my body as I part the mane.
Pretty “Wild” Stuff!



I met Ric Lum Sifu many years ago in one of Chin Woo’s annual X’mas
party and found him to be very interesting and a knowledgeable person.
I’ve trained in Martial Arts since 1973 and also met many elite masters
over the years; Ric Sifu was the only one that got my attention even
though he did not perform a single form at the party. Around Sep, 2001
in Kensington, Sydney, I was teaching some classes in a Catholic school
and during my lunch break, Ric started sharing some of his Tai Chi with
my brother and me under a tall tree on a side walk. The experience of
this gathering has changed my way of viewing Tai Chi Chuan forever.

Ric started to instruct us to relax and sit in a Tai Chi stance, then he
told us to relax our shoulders and drop our arms forward; then in a
couple of seconds later, our arms raised up on their own as they were
carried upward by a pocket of air. My brother and I looked at each other
and thought what the hell was going on??!! We could repeat this action
for many reps, and the sensation was just wonderful. After the lesson,
my brother told me he could see objects far away and with very clear
vision. For myself I was pretty excited just to feel the Chi for the
first time.

A few years later I decided to begin some lessons with Ric Sifu, mainly
due to an accident that I had a few months ago, and I was looking for
some form of recovery of my health. Anyway, after a week of learning Tai
Chi from Ric Sifu, I could get the Chi flowing and lifting my arms
again; in fact, one day my right arm lifted up over my head for almost
45 minutes without any effort on my part. ?Pretty amazing stuff?, I told
my brother and my martial art students during a practice session in
Condell Park High School.

During a Gung Fu training session a month ago, I was teaching my
students about some Mantis forms, and after the training session, I was
playing with some moves in Ric’s Tai Chi form. One of my students
Godfrey came over to see what I was practising, and at that moment he
could feel my chi transmitting to him. Godfrey told me he could feel the
cool chi in his palms as I was doing the moves, It was pretty amazing!!!
Another student Tyson also felt this cool chi in his palms as he was
doing the Southern Mantis Sarm Bo Gin form; they both smiled and looked
at me as if I was an amazing person!

After that session, I began to experiment in lifting my students? arms
using this cool chi, and to my surprise I was able to do it. It got
better as I was practising more and more tai chi everyday, and now to a
point that I could feel their arms in the actual lift!! The chi in my
Tai Chi movements is now more and more connecting than ever; by that I
mean I could feel different chi flowing in my movements and also
discovering many of the hidden chi compartments within the form.

As for my Southern Mantis Tong Long and Choy Li Fut Gung Fu, well, I
have to say that I have taken a giant leap forward, by that I mean my
students could see that I have roundness and internal power even within
my linear Mantis forms. As for Choy Li fut, well those low stances feel
effortless to do now. This is one amazing journey of true Tai Chi, and I
must thank Ric for sharing his knowledge with me and my brother Michael.

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