Follow me II

“Follow what you see,
Become what you follow”

“But if you do not need to see me in order to follow me,
Then you no longer need to follow me!”

29th May 2021
“Follow me”?

Today we discussed our observations during the dance
I commented that it was difficult to follow the leader, to follow Sifu
Sifu’s dance was very energetic and dynamic, even erratic
I had the thought that I could draw warmth from his singing

I agree it was difficult to follow Sifu. It was like climbing on a mountain with very rough terrain and Sifu was taking all the difficult bits. Like jumping across gorges from one Rock to another. I had to just take the easier bits and follow where I could. 

I couldn’t pick up anything from Sifu to follow.
I tried but could not pick up anything from the rest of the group.
I decided to trust myself and follow my own path.
It didn’t matter if I was ahead or behind.
We’d all get to the end eventually.
PS. – it was very cold this morning. 💨

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