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Subject: Re: Past the 108: “Movin’ on..
Date: Tue, 15 Jun 2021 09:44:05 +1000
From: Danya Rose danya@constantbalance.com
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Dear all,
Speaking of my experience and my observations (and bringing to the fore – paraphrased – one of Sifu’s “mantras”), “The Way is like a spiral staircase”: you will always have opportunity to revisit every point you have passed over before – each time at a higher level, as long as you keep taking the next step.
Progress is not much compatible with stagnation, or with eddying in a single region – staying on the same few steps. As you move forward (and upward) there are cycles and epicycles, and always other spontaneous opportunities you can snatch to pick up details that you want to refine.
There are lessons within lessons. And there are lessons outside of lessons.
Moving on to the next step in time – even when you are uncertain of previous ones – helps carry you more lightly higher. When you choose to miss the wave that carries you, you must then lift and carry yourself until you can catch the next wave. This is the hardest, heaviest lesson of all.

On 15/06/2021 10:21 am, Danya Rose wrote:
But I feel I can offer relation by attesting to my own difficulty making progress and retaining new things (even revision) in recent times, and the solace I get from being able to coast without pressure and yet maintain momentum where opportunity permits. In that state progress seems more like allowing the roots to grow during winter time so that the growth in spring is stronger; trying to maintain the above-ground foliage against the season progressively weakens.

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