Infant Ivan?

Ivan Alibrandi

Date: Fri, 8 Jun 2012 13:07:18 +0200 (CEST)
A month before knowing by e-mail Master Ric I had this dream:

I was in Villa Ada, in Rome, seeking a Sahaja Yogini who practised tai chi chuan. (During this time I was, in real life, a Yang family’s tai chi chuan student but seeking a deeper knowledge and experience of the taoist way.)
At the beginning of the dream starting in the lower zone of the park I was climbing up to the high end of the park, very near a bar/cafe.
I met a woman dressed in white who was practising a bit of tai chi chuan movement. I asked her if she knew the inner mechanism of tai chi chuan.
She answered that she didn’t know well but the only thing she could tell me was that during the movements of the form the Earth absorbs the thoughts.This was in my dreams..

…several months later I was in Villa Ada, in real-life with Master Ric, in the same place as in my dream!

Tyrone’s Tale

Tyrone O’Neill

I reflect that in three months (June) it will be two years from when I first started Tai Chi.
When I began I had a curious lack of expectation. I had done a few ‘Tai Chi’ classes at a health retreat I went to in May 2010, and although what I had experienced was a very simple style of Tai Chi, it somehow pointed me in the right direction. What I had liked about the Tai Chi at the health retreat was the feeling of flowing physical movement accompanied by a sense of peace and balance. (It helped that the classes were on the top of a hill and started just before dawn, with all of us oriented to see the sunrise.) However I knew that what I had been doing there was only very initial, so I went to Yuan-Chi Tai-Chi Chuan to learn.

It look almost a year of learning, typically twice-weekly lessons with one or two brief additional practices at home, to be able – although still with many uncertainties and hesitations – to finish the full 108 sequence. Even now that I am nearly two years into my practice, I am still not yet entirely confident in my ability to complete the movements of the full form, and I expect it will still take me one or two years to become much more confident about the overall flow. However I am now aware that this ‘gross motor skill’ aspect of Tai Chi is only a very initial level of learning. And still on a physical level, there are many minor nuances of position and balance which I expect it will take many years to learn.

However it is from an internal or mental/emotional/spiritual dimension that I feel I am only just beginning my journey.

March 2012

Danya’s Page

Danya, part left foot

Danya Rose

I became a student of Master Ric Lum in May 2002, largely as a matter of curiosity and opportunity. Studying Yuan-Chi Tai Chi Chuan has opened my eyes to myself, to others and to “going with the flow” in both literal and metaphorical senses.

Through it I have discovered great balance, in both physical and non-physical senses, and my interest in and appreciation for the art has only deepened the more deeply into it I have seen and explored.

As a mathematician, I find that Tai Chi Chuan is of huge benefit to me as a centring exercise and practice for body, mind and soul.

Magda’s Memory

Magda Hribar

I began my Tai Chi Chuan journey in January 2005. I had been having some lessons in Alexander Technique for some problems with my neck and upper back, and the teacher advised that Tai Chi was a very highly recommended form of exercise.
After I commenced Yuan-Chi Tai Chi Chuan, I discovered lots of physical benefits – I have had a lot less problems with my neck and back, and I have also felt a lot more strength and stability in my legs and feet.

Along the journey of improving my physical well-being, I have also felt mental and emotional benefits. The way that Master Ric guides us in teaching Tai Chi Chuan has improved my ability to concentrate and to focus; it has also assisted me in dealing with stress. I look forward to contining the journey to see where else it leads. I also enjoy helping others on the journey because I have found that when I am instructing someone, I am also learning, so the journey is always ongoing.

Mon, 9 Apr 2012 09:34:19 +1000

Neelica Finally

Neelica Raffel

Subject: 1st Viewpoint
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2012 10:41:46 +1100

It has been some seven months now since I started coming to Yuan-Chi Tai Chi Chuan with Master Ric, (not-with-standing a near two month absence during Christmas and New Year!), and in recent weeks I have had the fortunate opportunity to attend many classes per week. The more I come the better I feel!

During this time I have had the most wonderful experiences of increased calm, an inner quietude and greater acceptance of what is. The journey to this place has not been without its hurdles, but I do believe completely that Yuan-Chi Tai-Chi has been instrumental in bringing about this shift in my mental, emotional and physical condition.

I began Tai Chi with a long-suffering hip injury that is considerably improved and causes me significantly less pain or discomfort. I have greater movement in that joint and improved balance and strength overall.

My every experience of Yuan-Chi Tai-Chi during class always leaves me in a better place and my mind can clear and be free of burdens, worries and distractions. It is meditative for me and I feel lighter and more peaceful at class end.

The greatest trap for me is to get “too much in my head”. The expression “go with the flow” has never carried greater significance than in Tai Chi. Once it comes to you, you cannot ignore it, you cannot deny it, and it will move you???..quite literally.

Ray’s find

Ray Hampton

Ray Hampton

On 5/05/2015 10:23 PM, Ray Hampton wrote:
Healing through Tai Chi
On my journey of Yuan Chi Tai Chi I have discovered internal therapeutic benefits in our style.
Whether it be push hands, our Dance, CMC or sword forms.
‘It’ starts with a connection that activates from within and becomes an undulating ebb of nurturing, healing, connecting flow that emanates from within and flows outwards as far as we are able to let it go or surrender. This energy is the all pervading power that physically flows through us and resides in us all.
Under the instruction and teaching of Master Ric Lum I have experienced the physical benefits and health benefits of this all pervading power or Chi energy. It works from within and is the true connection and meaning of the Chinese term ‘Tai Chi’.
I strongly recommend a class with Master Ric Lum to gain this experience.
Ray Hampton

Subject: match report 2/14
Date: Sun, 16 Feb 2014 23:32:25 -0800 (PST)
Tai Chi

Tai Chi develops the subtlety of character.
Tai Chi and the meaning of its moves and depth of connection reveal themselves as person becomes more subtle.
I have seen “grasp birds tail” in other martial arts performed by evil people, I mean evil in the sense that there is no sense of kindness or ability to have discretion of when it is appropriate and not appropriate to use or teach this knowledge. Such techniques of potential lethal use should not be taught to whomever wishes to learn them. UFC is the ultimate expression of gross physical.
In Yuan-Chi Tai Chi Chuan, in our school, the meaning and variables of each move reveals itself as a person becomes more subtle, gentle, understanding and compassionate, i.e. they experience the genuine all pervading Chi and change internally and externally as a result. Reveals as a person becomes worthy. Genuine Tai Chi develops the subtlety of character.


I am a Sahaja Yogi who took up Yuan-Chi Tai Chi Chuan 3.1/2 years ago. To me it made sense to do exercise that would complement what I have been doing in Meditation for some years now. Prior I was doing a lot of running and Judo and many other martial arts. These clearly were not the way and I experienced great frustration having done Judo since I was six and knowing that what we have inherited is not the gentle soft way that Judo was originally supposed to be.

There are two levels at my stage of progress that I wish to comment on:

1 The physical/Gross aspect:
Core strength and flexibility have greatly improved and injuries for which I took treatment often no longer require that treatment.

The biggest blockage physically that I have always experienced is tension. This is now peeling away layer by layer. As part of the process I am becoming more aware of that tension and therefore more needful to be rid of it. However the step by step approach is the essential one as trying to achieve the goals prior to readiness will only create more tension. Physically I have noted other subtle changes such as once upon a time always feeling hot. This heat has now gone to the point where I now overcompensate to dress warmly. I have also become aware of the extensor muscles at the back of the neck continuously in a state of overwork and the head being at a point of unbalance thereby irritating this situation. Awareness is the biggest step to fixing the problem.

Whilst I do not go out of my way to stretch there is more flexibility. With each new step physically I discover more movement internally and externally.
Weight wise I have become more aware of what I am ingesting and aware that the losing of weight is about sensitivity/awareness of what we consume, not the unsustainable damaging exercise that we must keep up in order to keep poor health and weight at bay.
Each time we go through “the Dance” new aspects reveal themselves and each time is different both on the subtle and gross physical levels.
I have become aware of the “Flow”, and that this “flow” has its own time and speed that is like a groove that you fall into and the movement moves by itself.

2 The Subtle/internal aspects:
As a Sahaja Yogi I am already aware of the connections that we have to the Param.Chaitanya. What I have experienced internally is the benefits of the physical moving in conjunction with this internal knowledge thereby helping me from inside and out. “Meditation as movement in stillness and stillness within movement” the two are one and the same: being meditative in stillness as well as in moving .

Throughout these past few years of practising Yuan-Chi Tai-Chi the subtleties of the internal and external have been revealing themselves in each new step. One particular experience is that of the power of Mother Earth actually coming up through the entire being and actually making a real connection with the Earth as opposed to an unrealised superficial connection of standing on the earth.

Another one was the experience of the Adi Guru area of the void actually physically rippling as the Kundalini came rushing up. This had me ruminating that the actual origins (like many things) of the belly dance may have actually been auspicious as opposed to its common modern portrayal.

One thing is certain. Everything is in constant change of improvement. I am not sure where this will go but I am enjoying the journey of discovery that I suspect does not end but results in a better version of me than the one the moment before.
Lets see….

Ray Mon, 5 Dec 2011 04:42:19 -0800 (PST)


Sent: Saturday, June 13, 2009 11:42 PM
Subject: Tai-Chi Experiences…

I started Tai-Chi with Ric Lum one year ago. After doing Judo for 33 years and a variety of other sports including long distance running I found that physically nothing was improving with regards to flexibility and old injuries. I started looking for something that would complement Sahaja Yoga, the vibrations and spiritual growth but from the physical side. I knew nothing like this existed but did try to find it in the gentle way of Judo. The club I was at had practitioners regularly suffering from injuries that seemed second only to that sustained in car crashes.
A Sahaja Yogi suggested I try this form of Tai-Chi he was studying with Ric Lum. I went along to a session with all the reservations that a yogi would have with regards to something which may not be categorized as pure knowledge. Ric asked us to only judge on our vibrations what he said and taught. As we started to move I felt the vibrations flow.My personal feeling is that Ric has found a way of plugging this form of Tai-Chi back into the main frame – The Paramachaitanya-.

One of the most profound experiences was that of experiencing becoming aware of moving the feet very lightly and gently on the living, loving, supporting Mother Earth.
I am enjoying this form of exercise not only because it is much more than that but also found meditations more surrendered as some of the physical blockages are opening.

Our youngest daughter at ISPS had suffered from debilitating knee pains since the age of two and were not abating at 10 years of age (to the point of not sleeping due to the agony) No doctors could fix it and one podiatrist/orthotics specialist wanted $500 for an insert which she would need for the rest of her life without any cure possible for what she perceived the problem to be.
Last ISPS holidays we took her to Tai Chi classes with Ric and the problem was fixed within 2 months.

Mick’s Surmise

Mick Smith, Mascot

I have been doing Tai Chi Chuan with Master Ric since December 2007. After studying for a short time for the Catholic priesthood, my direction in life changed when I decided to get married. I then studied industrial chemistry and worked in the cement industry for 15 years.

After a life crisis, I developed an interest in meditation. During this time, I was informed about the potential benefits of Tai-Chi. After many years of searching for a Tai-Chi master, I accidentally bumped into Master Ric at Glebe while he was filming an instructional DVD.

I have now developed a love of Yuan-Chi Tai Chi Chuan and have experienced wonderful moments of inner peace and stillness.

Parvati’s Light

Parvati Lum

*Sent*: Monday, May 31, 2010 6:35 PM

My husband persuaded me to learn Yuan-Chi Tai Chi Chuan. To begin with, the slow movement was difficult for me as I have no patience. And I so wanted to connect with this Energy.
It was wonderful…for the first time I felt no gravity when I moved! And with joy in my heart.
It is hard for me to advance at the moment as my husband is so far away.
But once we are reunited my voyage in Tai-Chi shall deepen.

Brenda’s Recommendation

brendaBrenda Hunter

My childhood was spent on the North Shore of Auckland, near a beach and a pony club. I spent most of my spare time riding and looking after horses, also swimming and playing on beaches and in the small boats that my father built. My work for almost 40 years has been in the computer industry – starting with Air New Zealand’s computer systems, then working for IBM in NZ, UK and Australia, and since 1985 I’ve mostly run small Australia/NZ subsidiaries for overseas computer software and services companies, one of whom was bought by IBM 2 years ago – so I’m now working for the IBM Software group. I still sail boats, haven’t ridden horses for a long time, race historic racing cars a bit (it’s a family thing), visit art galleries, music, and theatre whenever I can, and cook for family and friends. In the first week of May 2007 I’m moving to Singapore to spend 2 years in IBM’s ASEAN region; I’ll greatly miss Master Ric Lum’s classes and my fellow students, and look forward to re-joining whenever I can.

Update: 2013

First I want to say I am very glad to have the opportunity to return to Master Ric’s classes, after leaving Sydney in May 2007 and an absence of more than 5 years from tai chi practice. The first class I rejoined was shortly before the Christmas break; I enjoyed being able to follow others in the class, finding I then started to remember the basic movements of section 1, and I felt tingling in my fingers when I moved through this first section with the class. It was harder when I got home, and found that some of the section 1 sequences which had felt clear when moving with the class, vanished in the short distance from Jubilee Park to my home!

I realised I would need to re-learn the basic movements and that this will take time, but I’ve also learned that the classes provide the path for this, both in ongoing teaching of each component (including from class members Magda, Danya, Neelica and Rodney in past few weeks) and also through participating in the overall Dance surrounded by all of the class members. Now that classes have started again in January my enjoyment of building the form has increased and I’m frequently surprised – such as by feeling my arms ‘floating’ upwards with the class movements. At the end of the last two Saturday classes Master Ric has illustrated some energy flow movements with class members, almost all of whom smile at the effect of this (as I did too, last Saturday.) I am enjoying the journey and am looking forward to continuing this path with Master Ric and his class.

Lionel Speaks!

Every profound spirit needs a mask: even more, around every profound spirit a mask is continually growing.

Lionel Chan

Greetings to my fellow Taiji practitioners and prospective practitioners,

I have tried a few martial arts before but nothing I took very seriously – I was always too lazy and/or weak willed to push through the necessary boundaries in those paths and I didn’t stay with any of them for very long (my new Taiji-influenced perspective now makes me very thankful for this character “flaw” actually…).

My story is, I heard about Ric through my Chinese herbalist who heard through one of his patients that learnt from him (typical Chinese grapevine thing going), and the idea of spending a lifetime in the patient refinement of an art that had no limits has always held appeal, so here I am. That’s about it really, but then again the best things in life often end up being gifts that you never asked for, but were blessed with anyway, aren’t they?

CHAN Tze-tzu