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My Physiotherapist recommended that I join Tai Chi because I have Osteo Arthritis.

My mobility was decreasing and it was clear that something had to be done. The common view is that once you lose the use of joints it is often impossible to restore them.

Unfortunately, I have two other chronic conditions which prevent my taking the conventional treatments for arthritis, anti-inflammatories and pain killers.

Andrew said the gentle movements in Yuan-Chi Tai Chi could only be beneficial and he was right.

There is no pressure in the classes, you simply follow the form. In the beginning, there were so many styles that I could not do. But gradually I have found that I can perform more and more. I do not have
the grace and agility of other students but I am proud of what I can do.

I cannot remember all the styles but in the Park every Saturday, I enjoy my surroundings, the trees and grass, the sky and birdsong.
There are no thoughts in my head, just the graceful movements. I am at peace.

Do I still feel the arthritic pain, yes, but on Saturdays, it is secondary to the pleasure of the dance.


Aron’s Awareness

Sipos Aron Tai Chi RomaniaHi Everyone!

It’s just me, Aron. I’m currently working in IT but have other preoccupations as well; Sahaja Yoga, Coaching and Yuan-Chi Tai-Chi…

Thus I began recently helping people regain their balance and reconsider a bit their lifestyle throughout these methods.

Best regards,

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On 25/02/2014 11:03 PM, Sipos Aron wrote:
Experimenting in the Way of Yuan-Chi Tai Chi Chuan

In the last 2-3 years an old desire reawakened inside me, the wish to practise Tai Chi… to follow my own being, my own movements by remaining in a meditative state at the same time.

I presume this was a collective desire, as lately I found out to my surprise, that there is a Sahaja Yogi who is teaching Tai-Chi. It’s Sifu Ric Lum from Australia, who is already teaching Tai-Chi in Europe and I was quite surprised last year, in 2013, to hear about an intensive seminar in the Czech Republic, at Moravka resort.

Well, OK, sure, let’s join in 🙂 We were the only ones from Romania, my wife and me.

This seminar was organised by sahaja yogis, so there were daily meditations as well as 4 Tai Chi sessions per day.

What struck me at the beginning of the first session were both the introduction into Tai-Chi in general as well as Yuan-Chi Tai Chi Chuan in particular.

The style of Sifu Ric Lum

Gently explaining and presenting the movements while singing. By performing just the opening moves, at the raising of the hands the second time I already started to feel the vibrations flowing, a slight change in the energetic awareness. The vibrations were getting stronger and stronger each day, I just felt my mind getting blocked, the thoughts felt like they were frozen, I mean I just couldn’t think! It was an interesting experience, I was familiar with that state but it never lasted so long as during this seminar.

I’ve been surprised to find that Yuan-Chi Tai-Chi movements follow (mimic) the dance of the All Pervading Power of Divine Love, the Paramchaitanya. In order to feel it, sooner or later you’ll be connected to this power.

I just understood and felt during the practice of Yuan-Chi Tai Chi Chuan the essence of the Tao and of Sahaja Yoga becoming one (the essence is actually the same).


By following Sifu’s principle and advice: “Neither assist nor resist – be neutral.”

For additional info please watch our chat recorded at Moravka during a break:



Subject:                Reflections
Date:     Sat, 18 Mar 2017 12:26:06 +0000 (UTC)

Following Sifu & My Story
Moravka [Yuan-Chi Intensive in Czech Republic]: 2013 was a year with many changes in my life, perception, awareness etc..
I just raised simple questions: what is my mission on Earth?
What drives me and towards what exactly?
What could I do more?
All these when I was partly “coordinating” the Sahaj collective of Cluj, I mean coordinating: doing most things alone 🙂 As if I were in a boat stirring everywhere but the boat did not go anywhere. Practically a waste of energy. 2012, 2013 were the years when I was also thinking about practising Tai Chi, but I felt it was not the moment for me, until I found out about the Moravka seminar 🙂

I was also starting to learn about the basics in leadership, marketing, entrepreneurship that changed my mindset, the way I saw the world etc.. It was a shock, a mental disaster 🙂 and I just knew I needed to change a lot, restructure slowly parts of my life, habits etc. Due to this radical change in my understanding, on the vibratory level I was going down a bit.

But I learned something very precious: progress = practising daily bit by bit

This is what I did after the Moravka seminar, after section1[S.1] of the Tai Chi form settled down within me, I really needed a couple of months after that intensive week. I had some time to reflect on what happened there and why, what I felt, what others felt and how people can be manipulated even inside ‘enlightened’ groups.

Then I knew I had a choice to make:
– continue with the learning via Skype
– say bye-bye to the opportunity

Then the progress started with the 108, practising daily, watching the DVDs, learning, then practising it over & over again.

Video Library

Carry Tiger Back to Mountain

 Tai Chi in the Rain

 Dance of the Paramachaitanya

The sage experiences without abstraction,
and accomplishes without action;
He accepts the ebb and flow of things,
Nurtures them, but does not own them,
And lives, but does not dwell.
~Lao Tze

Interview with Master Ric

“Welcome Aron, what we do realize (is) that Yuan-Chi Tai-Chi, as taught by Sifu Ric Lum, is both a physical and spiritual journey with endless possibilities.” Magda’s memory

 Push hands and Meta-therapy {Viterbo 2015}

 Yuan-Chi Tai Chi Chuan @Cluj-Napoca


Scenes from Viterbo intensive, 2015


Interview with Lum sifu

The sage experiences without abstraction,
And accomplishes without action;
He accepts the ebb and flow of things,
Nurtures them, but does not own them,
And lives, but does not dwell.
~Lao Tze

“Welcome Aron, what we do realize (is) that Yuan-Chi Tai-Chi, as taught by Sifu Ric Lum, is both a physical and spiritual journey with endless possibilities.”
Magda’s memory

Spiritual Benefits

The spiritual benefits vary for each person depending on what they as an individual need and are ready for but students have meditative experiences, find peace, experience grace, the mystical and magical, and spontaneous chi flow.


“Eternity is now. Because Reality is only ever the present moment.” Brenda

“I’ve never known squirrels to be so loving with one another, it was almost like a dream!” Amy

“I experienced the feeling of many parts of the form expressing the dance of Shri Ganesha.” Andrew

“Then it came to me that in comparison how quiet our own form is-when it is done it seems to leave nothing behind. No trace except peace.” Danya

“It was as if my body moved by itself.” Stefanie

“I need to thank Janaki for reminding me today that Taiji Chuan practice can be performed as a devotion to the Absolute.” Lionel

“Time is another aspect that is changing for me as I am now noticing that the form feels a lot quicker.” Mick

glebe street fair 2012

Cool Breeze

“At times when practising I would get a sensation of shimmering vibrations on my hands, and lots of cool.” Andrew

“I had been getting quite hot, and suddenly my face and neck were very cool.” Gregor

“John unconsciously emitted a strong cool breeze…” Master Michael

“Oh, on a really high note – Dinh had a wonderful experience at Tai Chi on Saturday (a drop of Kundalini energy on her back)…” Gregor

“I could feel a very strong Cool Breeze through both hands” Mick

121118 GSF Tai Chi


“..all that remained of *me* was my awareness…” Danya

“..there was a powerful urge to just sit down and meditate..and just blissfully watched my body-mind do its thing.” Lionel

“Within the first couple of lessons I noticed my attention was more focused for meditation after practising Tai Chi.” Andrew

“have been having quite deep experiences of meditation in particular with Push Hands,” Andrew

“Again this was repeated only this time it appeared my movements were easier and in fact drifting along independently of me…” Mick



“The only way I would be able to describe it would be as being touched by Grace.” Carlos

“One of the most profound experiences was that of experiencing becoming aware of moving the feet very lightly and gently on the living, loving, supporting Mother Earth.” Ray

“The grace and elegance of the form, and the underpinning strength and balance, flow through into the rest of my life…” Danya

is he gonna stop anytime soon..


“Tai Chi Chuan is like a sassy woman. Once you have discovered her and she has touched you with her spirit, you have a lot of trouble breaking it off.” Cameron

“The stillness in movement felt like floating on legs -” Danya

“This morning I felt very strongly again the beauty of movement. I love it!” Gregor

L.GBT_Luglio23-02Agosto'13 Cabella Hangar


“My immediate response was that it was like variations on a theme of music..” Magda

“By traversing such areas I found a landing, a support from the flow of Chi, a song that supported every movement.” Eva

“I started feeling Tai Chi like a piece of music.” Eva

bar punch


“I felt I was watching a dance between you and a much beloved being” Linda

“The sense of Chi directing my form that I mentioned to you in person several weeks ago is persisting.” Danya

“Then there was a realisation that we were telling a story with the form…” Jane

“The fascinating observation was that it could almost be described as dance …” Gregor

after meditation


“The arrival and departure of this force was spontaneous – I didn’t make it happen, I didn’t try to hang on to it, I didn’t make it go away.” Magda

“And how does it feel? To Surrender?” Amy

“Interesting tangent from applied maths/mathematical physics – ” Danya

“An interesting thought to be coming home to my Irishness through Tai Chi!” Sally

Ioanne watch fist


“I found it very hard to distinguish the two in terms of their flow…I had to actually clear my head to see that it was two people, not just one person in two places.” Danya

“Gregor was in front of me and he appeared to be somehow ‘in’ the air” Jane

“Returning neutral hands to him and he is repulsed almost before I touch him.” Danya

“I didn’t actually feel myself at all, which was quite disconcerting. At the time there were two emotions: joy at the newfound lightness…” Gregor

repulse monkey chicken hawk


“And I felt like that I could be a balloon – that if I lifted my feet off the floor that I’d float.” Sharon

“..my arms floated up in front of me and my whole body was carried through the form…” Danya

“Speaking of light, ..I notice my lower arms beginning to feel fluffy and lighter around the outside layers. An unusual, but very pleasant feeling.” Gregor

“I feel a lightness in my movements which I could never imagine to gain after such a short time.” Sieghilde

“I’ve felt fantastically light and full of energy since.” Gerry

“…my hands and arms felt much lighter as I glided through the movements” Mick

Ben Jon Sally Gregor


“I love the way birds gather when we are practising Tai Chi Chuan with you, they seem to be drawn to the energy.” Brenda

“Today I felt more the relation as one of connection and even longing to return home.” Sally

“You realise that you are doing something really worthwhile..” Susanne

“..this movement cleared the path of feeling between my lower abdomen and my chest, like they could more effectively communicate afterwards.” Lionel



“I could feel it rushing through and around my body – like being part of a building whirlwind…” Sharon

“When participating with the class I sometimes feel the spontaneous flow of Chi..lifting my body and connecting it to the greater Chi flow.” Brenda

“..there was a very strong sensation of there being a sort of “puff” of Chi that…was enough to truly move me.” Danya

“I felt my hands awaken with a connection of energy from my heart coming through my palms, and to (and from?) the universe.” Amy

“I felt an energy source in the middle of the soles of my feet connecting me deep down into the earth-” Sally