Anthony’s gift

I was asked what does martial arts mean to me.
Martial arts to me is the movement of one’s body. It is the interaction of your energy with the energy that is around you.
I started Tai Chi because I sought a higher connection. The faculties that we use every day to interpret the world are the same ones we have used for thousands of years. We rely on them because they are easy to understand. They are the faculties that have served us well our whole lives. It is how I know when to cross the road, how I know to brace for a fall or impact, how I know when my phone is ringing… These are our senses that give us this information.
I started Tai Chi because I knew there was more to this world than what we can interpret with our senses. My journey so far has introduced me to experiences that are difficult to explain because I don’t really have a point of reference. I have felt the flow of energy not just using my senses but through a much deeper faculty.
I have just started on this journey and I am a very flawed student but the flow of energy does not discriminate. It is inviting and always is ready when I am. I look forward to continuing this journey and seeing the benefits impact all aspects of my life.