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James Boonzaier
: Monday, August 03, 2009 11:33 AM
Subject: Culture

PS: I haven’t really had an opportunity to say it-but my experience with Tai Chi to date has been positive and meaningful--and your relaxed and humorous (but rigorous) approach to teaching the Art, is one I’m enjoying immensely. I must add that the ‘Class Culture’ (if I can call it that)  is highly supportive-I’ve really appreciated that….


Eva Pascoe
Sent: Wednesday, December 21, 2005 7:46 AM
Subject: Re Eva

I have been attending classes taught by Master Ric Lum for the last year. Whilst I have always had difficulty learning new things physically, I found the Tai Chi classes brought an unprecedented level of both challenge and reward.

The most notable were experiences of coming to an edge where the mind had NO IDEA where or what the movement was all about. By traversing such areas I found a landing, a support from the flow of Chi, a song that supported every movement.

I started feeling Tai Chi like a piece of music. Whilst practising some sequences, I ‘felt’ where the connection to the Chi vanished, where the ‘false notes’ were. It did not have so much to do with the execution of the movement as with its connectivity to the Chi flow.

I have enjoyed the Tai Chi classes. The park and the trees have offered an unprecedented level of references, which my physical body had difficulties with.

In gratitude for the teachings
May the Song Be Heard By All
Eva P.


Gerard O'Connor
Sent: Saturday, June 04, 2005 1:02 PM
Subject: Gerry's experiences.

A few weeks ago during the warm-up, without consciously moving, my arms followed yours, sort of like a puppet on a string.
Today I found that I no longer felt I had to think about what I was doing, but rather it flowed more naturally. It actually felt a lot more comfortable as well.

Mrs. Linda Cameron, CYPRUS
Sent: Tuesday, March 29, 2005 11:47 PM
Subject: Re: DVD Music
I am slowly practising the Tai Chi from the DVD.
I felt my Chi movements immediately in my hands and upper back.
The DVD is beautiful although as a beginner it takes patience to follow all aspects of each move. Patience is a very good facet of my Being to develop.

Happy New Year Ric
Hope your trip was great.
Well your DVD has arrived and I braved the torrential rain to go collect it from school.

Anyway the DVD was a very welcome distraction and I watched it and did not want to stop it as I was entranced with the movements and the feelings it brought to me over all that distance. I felt I was watching a dance between you and a much beloved being, maybe your Higher Self. It is very beautiful to watch. I have not had time to practise yet as very busy this morning so some time today will play with the moves and give you some feedback.
Thank you so much
Love Linda


Kathy's Testimonial
“I can definitely say that the form of Tai Chi that Ric Lum teaches is beneficial for someone who is not able to do any other exercise. I have not enough breath (damaged lungs) to do aerobic exercise, nor enough muscle power (ME/CFS) for anything more than a short walk, but I can do 35 minutes of this particular Tai Chi and feel more energetic at the end of it. It was fabulous for me to find something that I could actually do with my body that didn't hurt it more, that was absolutely gentle and non-punishing, and allows me to feel like I am dancing (almost). When I started Tai Chi, 6 months ago, I could do only 5 minutes  without muscle pain. I have gradually built that up to 35 minutes. My  muscles are still fragile, but they are in much better shape than they were 6 months ago, and I feel more healthy in general. Doing a short round of Tai Chi before bed allows me much deeper, better sleep. Ric Lum has been constantly encouraging, insightful and helpful with his advice over this time.”
-Kathy Rose, Mullumbimby

Amie's Account
“I have been doing Tai Chi Chuan with the teacher Ric Lum for 6 months. The benefits from this particular practice of Tai Chi have so far proven to be beneficial in many ways.

"When I began Tai Chi I was quite unfit, lacking energy and suffering bouts of depression. Since practising Tai Chi I have felt my overall energies have come into balance and have integrated in a more harmonious and new way.

“Through Ric’s guidance and teaching method I have began to develop a heightened awareness in regards to the positive effects Tai chi has had on the physical body as well as the subtle.

“The benefits have included the clearing of negative thinking and the clearing of subtle blockages, becoming one with the flow in a way that makes you feel more energised without over exerting oneself, increased flexibility, muscle relaxation and overall balance.

“Six months down the track I can say that Tai Chi classes with Ric have helped me to become more centred in my being, more connected to the flow of things including a newfound enjoyment in mundane activities. It also helps with becoming less reactive angry and I am not as volatile as I used to be. SO whoever is contemplating classes in Tai Chi with Ric Lum just give it a go and prove the benefits for yourself.”
-Amie Zar, Dulwich Hill, Sydney

“I forgot to mention the feeling of immense pleasure and gratitude/deep satisfaction that I feel just after I finish my sessions of Tai Chi. It almost qualifies as a feeling of reverence at what I have been given.”

“Tai Chi put me into such a deep space that it took about half an hour to come back.”

“At night I do one round of section one immediately before bed and find that it increases the depth of my sleep immensely.”



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