Studying Tai Chi

 "After class Ric briefly spoke about the #1 thing in learning Tai Chi: “Come to class!” Gregor

Are you on the spiral path? Then perhaps you enjoy the following:

  1. Spontaneous awakening of Chi                                 "You have mentioned that Tai Chi contains the potential for ‘Chi’ to awaken spontaneously..I didn’t realise it could happen so quickly." Janaki

  2. No activity that interrupts autonomic functions—breathing, heart rate etc.

  3. You can enjoy your Tai Chi Chuan practice in any weather    ".. when I was remembering how you did that part, it was like you were in fog... the fog is lifting." Jane

  4. Not subject to analytical learning; you imbibe effortlessly    "We did it so often , that I still have it like a picture in front of me." Stefanie

  5. You BECOME calm and clear of mind                                "'Understanding' without the insight from experience (knowledge) can lead to trouble!" Amy

  6. You enter state of enjoyment when you do the form      "I feel a strong and subtle shift in the fabric of life..a delightful sense of awareness that arises spontaneously.." Kyle

  7. You enjoy effortless flow in your form.                                 "I could sense how the form really becomes a dance." Gregor

  8. You do not take yourself too seriously!                               "It also helps me as a parent, especially in the way it reminds me how one learns effectively." Jane

  9. Are you doing more with less?                                           "When I watch you do your form, I often see differences between what you do and what I do." Danya

  10. Your mind goes BLANK whenever you force the pace    "– to be in more constant awareness of ‘Divine’/’God’/’Spirit’ " Sharon

  11. The Energy moves you.                                                       "For a brief moment this morning I felt as I were moving just as you do." Ben

  12. You lose the desire to ask questions.                                "Be wise, not smart, Don't judge, just speak the truth..." Stefanie

  13. You become less ambitious in your Tai-Chi                      "..spending a lifetime in the patient refinement of an art that had no limits.." Lionel

  14. You begin to ‘go with the flow’ in your daily life.           "Unless I’m prepared to forget what I learnt and experience every move as new and fresh, I will not progress." Gregor

 "I understand now what you mean, when you talked to me about real Tai Chi Chuan!Stefanie

 "I do think it is quite difficult for many people who are educated in a “western” system to adapt to what the “west” has sometimes called an “eastern” approach." Brenda

 "I am getting a lot of value from your classes, and am especially learning a lot from the format of watching you.." Brenda

 "As for my Southern Mantis Tong Long and Choy Li Fut Gung Fu, well, I have to say that I have taken a giant leap forward," Master John

 "Focussing on  "U-Knee" is like discovering a whole new story." Gregor

 "The lessons are superficially easy, but there is always more to extract from them." Jon

 "..the dog attack only lasted a split second or two but definitely felt like 30 seconds of Tai Chi to me." Master Michael

 " is really reinforcing the correct alignment of my waist and entire spinal column" Cameron

 "Idiosyncrasies reflect people's ability, where they are up to in Tai Chi Chuan. In due course there's a right way of doing it." Amy

 "..the first step is the differentiation of the "pure" from "impure",..Lionel

 "To truly be movement of a subtle texture our internal calmness must overcome or control the pervasive influence of the external surroundings." Cameron

 "My mind can't grasp much but my body is having very new experiences -" Sally

 "I have found this makes a huge difference in the feeling of (pushed into the) grounded-ness." Lionel

 "As a student if you judge the teacher then there is struggle as it comes in the way of the training." Janaki

 "If this is the direction that Taiji training is taking me, just how far down/inside does it go?" Lionel

 "Then as you understand better you realise that these apparently slow movements are in fact body moving in a dynamic balance." Janaki

  "You must unlearn what you have learned." Lionel

 "I wonder... how many other things are there that I have been taught (that) are now acting to chronically block my progress?" Lionel

 "Today I had an interesting experience with my little granddaughter:" Sieghilde

 "By following Ric I'm able to move with so much more detail than I could if I were practising alone." Ss





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