About the Teacher

I have studied bits of several martial arts for more than 30 years: Boxing, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Lama Kung-Fu, Hung Fist, Hung Family Fist, Yuet Family Fist, Wing Chun, and latterly, Yang family Tai Chi Chuan.

In my youth, I twice passed up opportunities to study under well known Tai Chi masters, being under the illusion that speed and power were what martial arts were all about.

My third chance came up through a family friend’s connection. Ng Kon-Kuan Sifu graciously came out of retirement to give me of his wisdom and knowledge.

My Tai-Chi, at this point, is the culmination of 3 influences: Tai Chi Chuan, pure meditation{Sahaja Yoga} and previous martial arts experience.

I am always on the lookout for students who are serious about enjoying themselves and their Art (though not necessarily about themselves!).

Ric Lum

‘Until you can bring forth a flower,  Breathe life into that which is dead,
Summon or subdue the elements,  Transport yourself through time and space,
And heal with a single thought, a single touch,
Can you call yourselves Masters?

And long before you achieve these things,
Titles shall become meaningless to you, and you will come to understand.’

 "I felt a distinct difference when Ric was behind us and when he left. There was stronger Chi and flow when he was there. Gregor

 "I have always been very aware of your ability to describe in words what would not have seemed to me to be describable that way!" Brenda

 "Ric started to instruct us...our arms raised up on their own as they were carried upward by a pocket of air." Master John

 "Ric asked us to only judge on our vibrations what he said and taught." Ray

 " *what you were doing with Gregor when I arrived...that was amazing." Sharon

 "As Ric says, "It is easier than you think, and easier if you don't think"." Lionel

 "The 'Booster Shot'/Chi Therapy was pretty amazing.." Jane

 “It seems to me that Ric is offering a true means to learning Tai Chi for those who choose to participate fully in his classes..." Brenda

 "Ric do these things travel with you?" Jane

 "I’ve been telling people that part of my doing Tai Chi Chuan with you is because you (Ric) actually connect with the 'energy' part of it -" Sharon

 "Trippy stuff, man!" Amy

 " .he is a skilled, patient, good-humoured and generous teacher who teaches on many levels at once. Sally


 “Today's tai chi lesson was very amazing." Danya

 "Ric..said that he’s not up to the high standards and didn’t feel like performing!!!" Master Michael


 "Ric is a very precise teacher, which my joints, alignment and posture have all benefited from. Ric is also concerned with more than the outer 'dance' aspects of Tai Chi.." Sharon

 "Ric..analyse(s) each individual’s capabilities.." Master Michael


 "I am amazed that Taiji Chuan with Ric can be so physically involving...as if I had just finished a gruelling gym workout." Lionel

 "I can also understand now why Ric won’t teach beyond a certain level, if people are still using any consciousness-altering substances." Gregor





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