FAQ about Tai-Chi

  • What is Tai-Chi?

    Tai-Chi is the All-Pervading Ultimate; the Brahman… “In the beginning, God IS.”

  • What is Tai Chi Chuan?

    Tai Chi Chuan is literally the All-Pervading Ultimate Fist. It is the martial art founded by immortal Chang San-Feng, a Taoist priest revered for this achievement. It strives to mimic the form of movement of the All-Pervading Energy {Paramachaitanya} and embody the Way {Tao} as taught by the sage Lao-Tze.

  • When did he live?

    He is reputed to have lived from the late Sung period through the Yuan to the Ming dynasty, between the 13th to the 15th centuries AD. He is said to have lived between 180-250 years.

  • What is “Chi”?

    In general, Chi is the energy that pervades the Cosmos. More specifically; ‘Yang Chi’ is energy on the electro-magnetic spectrum which is felt as heat on the nerves. Whereas “Shen Chi” is The All-Pervading Energy of the Divine, which enlightens as a cool breeze.

  • How is Yuan-Chi Tai Chi Chuan different from other martial arts?

    It contains the potential for ‘chi’ to awaken spontaneously in the student and thereafter to flow spontaneously.

  • Is Tai Chi Chuan better for health than ordinary exercise?

    Martial art originated in India from the same cradle that produced Hatha and Raja Yoga. Tai Chi Chuan is the Martial Art of the Ultimate. It is one of the Yogas; intended in those days to cleanse the grosser bodies so that spiritual progress may occur. The way to do so is to fill the body with Prana or Chi, the metaphysical energy of the universe. This is the reason why Tai Chi Chuan is better for health than ordinary exercise.


 "The dance of Lord Shiva; if it stops what happens?" Janaki

 "Where is the ‘I’, and where is the ‘other’? " Sharon

 "It was Push Hands, and finally I understand." Danya

"Birds make great sky-circles of their freedom.
How do they learn it?
They fall and falling, they're given wings"

   Q :"I find I am getting lost during the form?"   Ric: "The All-pervading Energy stupefies the intellect." Amy

 "..we are earth, we are air etc.." Sharon

 "I'm moving on a higher, stronger platform in my stances." Danya

 "(An) analogy of the Tao to the wind occurred to me after coffee yesterday." Ben


Historical Perspective of Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Chuan as founded and practised by immortal Chang San-Feng had consciousness and spiritual evolution as its primary purpose.
When it left the lofty domain of the Taoist priests, it descended into the secular realm of martial arts and combat.
When Yang Cheng-Fu sifu popularised Tai Chi Chuan amongst the masses early in the 20th century, it took another turn to become a vehicle for attaining great health.
The Way of Tai Chi Chuan, when practised without ambition under the guidance of an authorized teacher, eventually brings in its wake together all these 3 strands.


Teaching Style and Approach

Yuan-Chi Tai Chi Chuan is evolved from Yang family style.

The philosophy that Tai Chi Chuan embodies is styled on the I CHING (treatise on changes) and underpinned by the teachings of the great sage
Lao-Tze (Old Master) in TAO TE CHING (scripture on the Way).

The founder of Tai Chi Chuan; Chang San-Feng (Chang of the 3 attributes*), by one account, was taught the Way of Tai-Chi in his dreams, by God. Chang San-Feng was a Taoist priest (seeker of the Way) whose primary interest was his spiritual ascent.

Similarly, I hope that Yuan-Chi Tai Chi Chuan conforms to the precepts of the Tao of Lao-Tze. It is meant to be Tao-in-motion.

*For those interested in the subtle system as taught in true meditation, he was accorded this name as one who had attained the Triguna; Desire, Action and Evolution.

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 "From memory the tune Ric was singing / following was the Ganesha Stuthi..." Andrew

 "Today's lesson was completely different than ever before as Ric stood before us as our "mirror"..." Mick

 "I noticed my feet moving of their own accord, as if they had minds of their own -" Amy

 "Ric didn’t explain much but led us to a tree near the side of a street and showed my brother John and I.." Master Michael

 "..heard Ric say "don't lead the leader" to someone." Ray

 "Also when Ric talks of...."neither assist, nor resist, but persist”." Cameron

 "Words truly are no good when teaching Tai-Chi..." Gregor

 "With Ric I have a much better Flow and feel of my energy, internally my organs feel softer and I feel as though I am moving forward." Cameron

 "Ric talked about the difference between analysing, and simply seeing and becoming." Gregor

 "While we were having coffee after class as we often do, Ric posed this question: "Follow me--what does it mean?"" Ss

 "There is a difference between the intellectual process of learning/ understanding and the true insight gained through experiencing a given moment/epiphany.." Jane

 "The teachings happen also on a very subtle level, increasing sensitivity and awareness for my inner progress." Sieghilde

 "I must add that the ‘Class Culture’ (if I can call it that)  is highly supportive" James


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