Tai Chi Chuan

The Spontaneous Way

Yuan-Chi Tai Chi Chuan is the Dance of the Way; the Tao.
The mystical way of Yuan-Chi awakens the flow of the All-Pervading Energy; the Chi, spontaneously.
This hidden technique is based on a natural approach to Tai Chi Chuan. It does not require any wilful control or interruption to the autonomic functions of the body.
In fact, the key to this system of Tai Chi Chuan is transparently simple:




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Yuan-Chi - A Paradigm Shift

Yuan-Chi Tai Chi Chuan begins when the Cool Breeze flows spontaneously and brings the Grace of Meditation in it's wake. Beauty in Dance may be accompanied by the mystical music of Divine Chi

The magic of lightness in movement brings wholeness and peaceRejuvenation, rehabilitation, strength and fitness

Here is an art to learn for life.


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Beginners' Course in Mortdale Starting 28th April

Beginners' Class in Hyde Park, Sydney City CBD

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Beginners' Classes in GLEBE, Inner West Sydney

 "As long as you can stand on your own two feet, you can do Tai Chi." Danya

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Beginners' Classes in Glebe - an Invitation
(download .pdf)

Private tuition and corporate bookings are also available by appointment.

 "Ric develops each student’s abilities gradually, guiding our progress on the basis of a traditional Chinese approach adapted to the context of today’s environment in Sydney!" Brenda

You can buy lessons for our classes by clicking here.

Our Tai-Chi classes are form classes.. what I call dance classes! The method of instruction is traditional.
Come and join our spirited community in a natural environment.


You can now buy online DVDs of the 108 styles of Yuan-Chi Tai Chi Chuan. It comes in 3 DVDs, one each for sections 1, 2 & 3.
They can be purchased separately or together. Please click here to go to our purchase page.

 "..the DVD was a very welcome distraction and I watched it and did not want to stop it as I was entranced with the movements and the feelings it brought to me over all that distance." Linda

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 "..doing Tai Chi alongside Ric is a wonderful experience which clears mind, body and soul." Sally

 "I believe that one way or another mother earth is healing herself, and if I believe that, for example, through Tai Chi..." Gregor

Our Tai-Chi classes are traditional ALL weather classes; we're on whether it rains, hails or shines....it’s only weather!

 "I love the spaciousness of the practice along with Ric's simple yet subtle teaching methods."Sally


Tai Chi Chuan embodies Chinese culture, including the values of Chinese Kung Fu and learning, derived from the teaching of the sage Confucius. Its philosophy is that of the sage Lao-Tze, the master of the Way; the Tao. You become one with Nature when your inner world reaches harmony.

Snug in the cold, cool when it’s hot. Your body becomes more adapted to the weather. Beyond removing unhealthiness, Tai-Chi makes you super healthy. With mystic awareness, you become enchanted by reality. By-the-by, you may eventually realize it as the martial art of the ultimate.

You can live a life beyond the grasp of ordinary mortals.

 "I enjoy not only my own slowing down but the sense that the whole world around me in the park also seems to be in slow motion." Sally

 “I felt how the bird might have perceived me – like a tree, part of the landscape. A very memorable encounter!Gregor

 "When I go swimming I can adjust better to cold water, a very significant experience of being less sensitive to changing temperature." Sieghilde

 "I am just amazed at the "parallel universe" that is there in the form, hidden in plain sight."Gregor

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