Student's Viewpoint

Date: Fri, 8 Jun 2012 13:07:18 +0200 (CEST)
A month before knowing by e-mail Master Ric I had this dream:

I was in Villa Ada, in Rome, seeking a Sahaja Yogini who practised tai chi chuan. (During this time I was, in real life, a Yang family's tai chi chuan student but seeking a deeper knowledge and experience of the taoist way.)
At the beginning of the dream starting in the lower zone of the park I was climbing up to the high end of the park, very near a bar/cafe.
I met a woman dressed in white who was practising a bit of tai chi chuan movement. I asked her if she knew the inner mechanism of tai chi chuan.
She answered that she didn't know well but the only thing she could tell me was that during the movements of the form the Earth absorbs the thoughts.This was in my dreams..

...several months later I was in Villa Ada, in real-life with Master Ric, in the same place as in my dream!

Date: Wed, 6 Jun 2012 08:45:38 -0700 [Rome, Italy]
Ivan Alibrandi 7 June 01:15

The dance of the dragon

Open and close yourself, absorb and expand, come back to the centre.
Everything becomes quiet and silent while you are imitating the dragon's movement....
The sky and the earth connect, the Mother-energy spins inside, the awareness-Father comes in you while you're flowing...yin-yang and zhong...

The Wu-Ji, only the Wu-Ji is above them, is above everything; mother, father, son, everything disappears in front of Him, because they' re only his sweet reflections....


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